Lip Service: MAC Ruffian

I initially intended to pass on these. But after an unfortunate accident involving a hot car interior and my MAC Siss lipstick, I needed a ‘nude’ replacement. And the other two… well… they just kind of ended up coming along for the ride.

From the Left:
Ruffian Naked
Ruffian Gold
Ruffian Red
Ruffian Naked
(What, you thought I was going to swatch that on my lips? Yeah… no)
Ruffian Gold
This is a dead ringer for Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in Brilliant. If you have that one, pass on this one. They are nearly identical in hue, texture, and finish.
Ruffian Red
Perfect orange based (?) red. Its very warm, and really perfect for the coming Autumn/Winter season. 
I’ll get plenty of use out of all three. Although Ruffian Naked is more ‘pink’ than Siss, it’ll still serve my ‘nude’ lip needs just fine.

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