Flawless Finish: By Terry Voile Poudre Eclat

I normally would not dedicate a separate post to a finishing powder. But this one (for some reason) escaped my radar and I’m so sorry that I’m just discovering it.

A little history:
Most finishing powders come in what companies insist is translucent (white)… or some tinted version in an attempt to suit darker skin tones. I can count on one hand the companies that specifically cater to undertones for any given skin type (Bobbi Brown tops the list), and don’t pretend that a finely milled white powder will somehow work for every skin type. ‘Translucent’ is what is invisible on YOU. There’s no such thing as a universally translucent powder. Show me one of those, and I’ll show you a person who can’t wear it.

By Terry Poudre Eclat is a ‘correcting’ powder, so it comes in more shades than just light, medium and dark. Because of my yellow undertones, and because I’m always looking to encourage a ‘glow’ from my skin, I chose the powder in Apricot Sable.

See how warm the powder color is? This is a lovely alternative to Laura Mercier’s Secret Glow Powder (which is more yellow). It’s extremely finely milled and absolutely disappears into my skin. Love that. This is translucent for ME.

You can find out more about By Terry Voile Poudre Eclat HERE.

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