Flawless Finish: By Terry Cover Expert

Foundation Type: Liquid/Cream
Skin Type: Combination
Coverage: Medium to Full

It’s about that time of year, when I start scouting the brands for formulations to survive the colder months. Cooler temperatures mean heavier finishes and more ‘matte’ formulations. It looks like By Terry got the memo.

The new Cover Expert Foundation (not to be confused with Sheer Expert) is a less expensive alternative to the (now discontinued?) Touche Veloutee. It comes in a much more convenient tube (instead of the heavy glass bottle with the pump), and in a lot more shades. That’s the good news. The bad news is… my medium skin tone is a match for the DARKEST shade. By Terry literally found 11 shades lighter than me… and offered that selection. But anything darker than MAC NC-44 will have to shop elsewhere.

I’m a huge fan of the packaging. The less cumbersome the container, the better. Plus, I feel like you can get out every single drop (well nearly, anyway) of foundation from a tube. Love this.

There is a fabulous yellow undertone to this foundation color (Warm Copper). This is noteworthy because By Terry is such a huge fan of the color pink. This is typically evidenced even in the warmest shade of the company’s foundation selection. So I was very happy to see this nice warm color. The formula is absolutely weightless. It builds easily to a medium-full coverage… and wears like you don’t have anything on your skin. The finish is demi-matte, I believe. Definitely not a full matte. It’s a VERY nice formulation. Reminds me a lot of Vita Lumiere Aqua (Chanel), and Invisible Fluid Makeup (Estee Lauder).

I’m wearing just the foundation. No powder (or anything else for that matter).
I like it. You can find out more about By Terry Cover Expert Foundation HERE.

7 Replies to “Flawless Finish: By Terry Cover Expert”

  1. i wear chanel perfection lumiere #44 beige ambre- its like a yellowy colour undertone- would you say this is similar?

  2. Wow….your face looks flawless with just this foundation and nothing else! That’s now my new go to look….do you have any experience with the Hydra powder – the white one? Also, I have sensitive skin….would you recommend By Terry?

    1. Thank you! I do like the hydra powder for what it does, but I don’t like the dispenser. Every time I use it I get powder EVERYWHERE. I love that it attracts moisture from the air without making you go greasy, but I was not a fan of how much I wasted every time I used it. If you have sensitive skin, I would NOT recommend By Terry because it’s full of rose extracts and oils. Rose can be irritating to sensitive skins, and the scent factor is high on a lot of the products, particularly the base products. You can create a protective barrier (and add sunscreen at the same time) with Kypris Sun Shade as a primer. But honestly, By Terry foundations are so expensive that I would rather err on the side of caution.

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