Make a Mark: UTATZ Tatoos

I have ALWAYS wanted a tattoo… but the reality is  I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe. I’ve never made a decision about it one way or the other. Every now and then, I’ll pop a decal on my skin to see how I like it, and by the time it wears off… I’ve moved on to other things that interest me.

I was too excited to try Utatz Temporary Tattoos, because they’re the perfect solution to my fickle nature on the subject.

I popped open the sample pack and chose what I thought was the most ‘polynesian’ of the bunch (I love Polynesian tattoos) and got to work.

This kit is ridiculously easy to use. You simply apply the stencil, spray over it, wait 30 seconds and peel off. No, really. It’s that simple. I was blown away by how effective the system is. The tattoo is supposed to last about 3 days, or you can remove it right away with an alcohol-based cleanser.

I love it. Not only will this be the perfect ‘tattoo fix’ for my temporary whims, I can decorate models with them for any concept or editorial piece, and simply remove it at the end of the shoot.

You can learn more about Utatz Temporary Tatoos HERE.

*pr sample

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