Lip Service: Chantecaille Lip Sheer in Mars

Ahhh, it’s been a while since I’ve  had a Chantecaille Lipstick fix. I love this brand. It’s so beautiful and subtle and functional. It’s definitely among one of my favorite brands. I recently took a trip to my local Beauty Supply Store, and picked up the Lip Sheer in Mars:

(with flash)
Despite the strong color in the tube, the formula is very sheer and moisturizing. It looks like a reddish orange in the tube, but swatches more of a coral color on me…
Love this stuff. I really want a couple more of these… in time. Chantecaille is such an expensive habit. I have to take it piece by piece. So… maybe I’ll get another tube around… September. Yeah, that sounds about right. LOL
You can find out more about Chantecaille Lip Sheers HERE.

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