Jazz Music and a Makeup Giveaway (CLOSED)

Dear Southern California Jazz Enthusiasts:

You’re invited to get your groove on at El Cid this Wednesday, July 11th. Singers Kaylene Peoples and Jay Jackson are hosting a jam session. I’ve personally witnessed  both of them in action, and I have to tell you, they can blow!

Kaylene is also giving away 4 Smashbox Muse Eyeshadow Palettes at the show:

So you’ll get to hear some music, maybe eat a lot and drink a little (or vice versa) and maybe win a bit of makeup to boot!

2 Replies to “Jazz Music and a Makeup Giveaway (CLOSED)”

  1. Not a huge fan of jazz music, but I have that palette and I love it! Unfortunately I lost the wonderful little eyeshadow brush that comes with it. I wish more companys made short handled brushes, I like to get as close to the mirror as I can when I put on my makeup.

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