Lip Service: Armani Skin Laquers (200)

Armani has released an addition to their new ‘sheer’ collection of lipsticks and glosses. These ‘Skin Lacquers’ are more ‘flesh toned’… no brights here. Most of them are versions of pink and plum, although for some reason a few of them are listed as ‘brown.’

I ended up with Brown 200:

With flash:

As you can see, Brown 200 is more plum than anything. What I like about it is that it seems to work ‘with’ my individual skin tone. I think that’s the point of these lipsticks. They’re meant to complement you… not stand out as a specific color. I rather like that idea. There’s a color for everyone… every skin tone and undertone seems to be considered in this selection.

I REALLY like this color. It just merged in with my coloring and warmed up… it’s so flattering. And I can change the color with the addition of a lip pencil as a base (already tried it out a few times).


You can find out more about Armani Skin Lacquers HERE.

4 Replies to “Lip Service: Armani Skin Laquers (200)”

  1. It's definitely easy to wear, and the formula is very moisturizing. This was the best color for my warm skin tone, I think. They definitely seem to have a shade for every skin tone.

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