Professional Grade: AGENDA Magazine (July 2012)

The new issue is up! You guys remember the preview for the shoot (Beautiful Girls)… well here is the final shot. We’d originally set it up to have the girls shot in Red, White & Blue bikinis (summer theme), but the powers that be opted for a more ‘artistic’ interpretation, and added glasses for a hint of fashion.  Agenda is, after all, a fashion magazine.

In the Beauty Section this month:

Beauty Breakdown: What I used to get the cover look…

A Close Look at makeup by Rouge Bunny Rouge:

Did you know you needed SPF for LIPS? (I didn’t… although now it’s so obvious):

Happy Reading!

2 Replies to “Professional Grade: AGENDA Magazine (July 2012)”

  1. Holy moly those girls look FIERCE! I love the cover idea and how it all came together. Can't wait to read the beauty breakdown, and I've been hearing good things about Rouge Bunny Rouge these days, so I'm looking forward to that article as well.

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