Random MAC Haul

It’s been a few days since my last post… been trying to pull all the other parts of my life in order. LOL. But, I think I’m back on track now.

I ordered some random stuff from MAC…

Body Oils in Man Rays and Seaside
  Casual Lip and Cheek color in  Out for Fun and Evening Stroll

 Lipglass in Rebel
Man Rays
Out for Fun
Evening Stroll
(had to kill the flash. This color photographed AWFUL with flash)
(nearly impossible to get a lips swatch. Boo! I’ll wear it in an FOTD)
That’s my random MAC haul. More (better) posts coming… including the Clarisonic giveaway (ya’ll remember that, right? It’s still relevant.). That’s it for the moment… Ciao for now!

4 Replies to “Random MAC Haul”

  1. Evening Stroll actually doesn't look that bad in real life. It's very purple, but like OCC Belladonna, it works. You can always tone it down with a cool plum lip pencil or gloss, and you can definitely sheer it out. I put it on full strength for the picture.The Body Oils are nice. They're not 'oily' — which is cool. And the shimmer factor is subtle, so you're not walking around looking like a full body glitter bomb. LOL

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