Professional Grade: Makeup is Art

I got called back to work with photographer Ash Gupta on a couple new series…

He was specific that he was not interested in ‘small’ detail because he was shooting from a distance and through fabric, and that he wanted the girls’ eyes done in ‘greasepaint’ with nude lips. He was sure to emphasize coloring outside the lines (green and grey… NO BLACK)… and no harsh lines anywhere (with the exception of a sculpted cheek). So I did.

 The smudging around the edges of her eyes is intentional… I dragged MUFE aqua cream from the place on her lids to outside of her eyes… and stippled it in with her foundation and highlighter.

With this model… I pulled more ‘grey’ outside the lines and  under her eyes. 
I took these shots… his shots are much more artistic. This shoot was less about traditional beauty and more about messiness. 
Then, there was something about shooting purity and could I take the makeup down and do something ‘clean’ and a little ethereal (in minutes)… so I did this:

I basically pulled all the makeup off… cleaned up the the skin, filed in the brows to make them appear heavier, and dropped Illamasqua Granduer lashes on the model. A peachy lip and I was done. Took me about 15 minutes.

I’m taking a closer look at proofs from the AGENDA cover shoot tomorrow… maybe I’ll get to see what these came out looking like as well.

6 Replies to “Professional Grade: Makeup is Art”

  1. You are such an amazing artist:-) you are so talented I read your blog everyday since I discovered it! so proud of you!!! wishing you more success thank you for sharing your beauty secrets. BTW you have the same beautiful last name as my son's Karim. You should think about publishing a make up book! I will be your first buyer for sure:-) xoxo

  2. Thanks Sharon! The makeup is 'unconventional'… I know that a lot of people won't find it beautiful. But I like it. I also was happy to have the opportunity to color outside the lines.

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