Professional Grade: Beautiful Girls…

…(from) All Over The World

I pitched (and was granted) the upcoming cover for Agenda Magazine. The concept behind my idea will actually be revealed in the corresponding issue, so I won’t reveal it here. But I will tell you that I got to work with some of the most beautiful, smart, talented models…

Such a treat! Each of the models was such a joy to work on. We had a lot of fun laughing and talking and trading war stories from shoots present and past. The shoot ran long… and we were exhausted by the time we crawled home. But the pictures are going to be STUNNING. I got a sneak peek from photographer Ash Gupta… and they look absolutely amazing.

Once I got the girls made up and Bianca Lauren got their hair done, I ran around a bit a snapped a few photos of my own…

Stunning, right? All of them… just as lovely on the inside as the outside. I hope to work with all of them in the future. I had a really good time… despite being awake from 4:30am until 3am the next morning (no it’s not all the shoot’s fault. I pulled double duty that day).

Now I need to get some sleep so that I’m not a literal zombie (there will be plenty of ‘made up’ zombies) at IMATS tomorrow.

Good Night!

6 Replies to “Professional Grade: Beautiful Girls…”

  1. All these girls are so stunning and they have such flawless skin!! Did you use the same lipstick on all 4? How did you get it to look exactly the same on such diverse skintones?

  2. Thank you! Yes, I used the same color lipstick on all of them. It's rouge d' Armani lipstick in Rouge 400. I matched their skin tones by using complementary lip pencils.

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