Gearing up for IMATS

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. IMATS is coming back to Los Angeles… and I’ll be there. But this time I’m on a budget. Hmph.

IMATS London

I’ve also mapped out a plan so that I don’t lose my natural mind. After my exploits at The Makeup Show, I sincerely need to have a seat.

I will definitely get some choice brushes from Hakuhodo. I want to start building an S-Series collection. But I have to take it slow. Those are the flagship brushes of the company, and they are EXPENSIVE. So I’m just going to do a few this time.

I’m also going to pay a visit to the lovely ladies of Velour Lashes. I’ve started using their lashes since getting them at The Makeup Show in March… and they are FABULOUS. They are so light and comfortable, and clients love the fact that they are Mink and cruelty-free (the hairs come from brushing the animals, so they are not harmed).

I’ll pop by OCC Makeup to see if anything is new and maybe hit Naimies and Nigels for show discounts on some of my favorite brands. I’m a little bummed that Kevyn Aucoin won’t be there (I can always use more Radiant Diaphanous Powder), but I’ll survive.

I also want to go to the Master Class taught by Kabuki (MAC), and I might catch a few others. I hope to stay (read: be awake) long enough to see the student competition at 3:45pm.

I always go to IMATS the old fashioned way (waiting in line with everyone else). I know a few ‘Pro Card’ card holders will be there on Friday, and I think they get an express pass in on Saturday, but honestly I enjoy the spectacle of IMATS, from long lines to amazing makeup.

I might meet with a few colleagues while I’m there… but I promise that this time I’m wearing comfortable shoes! I do NOT want a repeat of The Makeup Show. Bianca was just having a ball and taking her time, and I was in the worst shoes on earth… my feet were KILLING me! No more. Sneakers this go around. I’ll leave the ‘dressing up’ to the youtube gurus this year. 🙂

As always, I’ll take lots of pictures and regale you guys with tales from the wild side of makeup!

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