Summer Fragrance: Lemon Tea

Hey Everyone!

Our new ‘limited edition’ Summer Fragrance is here! We invite you to experience our latest blend: Lemon Tea.

It’s a refreshing blend of Organic Lemons, Organic Raw Honey, and just a pinch of Organic Vanilla Bean! It reminds us of chilled lemonade with a hint of herbal sweetness.

Fans of Sugar Cane, Mandarin, and Pomegranate will love this. It’s not as fruity as Mandarin or Pomegranate, but it’s got the same citrus ‘bite’ on the top note.

Lemon Tea will hit the site at Midnight… and launch officially on Wednesday, June 20th… 

Now, to make room for Lemon Tea, we’re pulling Whipped Honey (another limited edition fragrance) for a little while. Not to worry… it’ll be back in season in Autumn. We’ll bring it back when the weather cools down.


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