My Sustainable Journey: Vapour Organics Summer Brights

The latest addition to Spirit Beauty Lounge comes from Vapour Organics. They’ve released three new eyeshadow shades, to help brighten up the Summer…

From the Left: 
Seduce (Dark Purple)
Obsess (Mint Green)
Provoke (Bright Pink)
Of the entire selection of Vapour Organics Eyeshadows (and it’s a pretty formidable selection), these are definitely my favorite. I don’t know if they changed the formula or something, but these really grab the skin and the color is potent to boot. The earlier colors (especially the mattes) came out ‘greasy’ … which did not bode well for my oily eyelids. I’ve used these already and found that they blend out perfectly with fingers or a brush… and work well alone, or as a base for a complementary color.
You can find out  more about Vapor Organics Cosmetics HERE.

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