MUFE AQUA SHADOW PENCILS (two mattes and a shimmer)

Hey Guys,

Last time I went nuts over the new Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow Pencils… and I promised to go back for the other two mattes. Well, I also ended up with a shimmer. I can’t believe how AWESOME these pencils are. They are ridiculously easy to use. I’m so impressed.

26E, 2E, 0E
(Pearly Peach)
(Matte Brown)
(Matte Black)
LOVE! I think I may get the rest, just on GP. lol I do like the lavender shimmer and the copper shimmer colors. They are all quite wonderful. Make Up For Ever is head and shoulders above the competition with these pencils. No doubt about it.

4 Replies to “MUFE AQUA SHADOW PENCILS (two mattes and a shimmer)”

  1. I did a smoky eye in MINUTES with that brown pencil. I used the black one for an extreme smoke as well.. and toned it down with a little brown around the edges. They layer very nicely… both the matte and the shimmers. And I love that you can blend them out with a brush so easily. That peach one is really good. It's actually PEACH (not pink or gold) on my warm skin tone. Love that!

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