Blushed: Sisley Highlighter Blush with White Lily

This item is proof that I am attracted to all things pretty, regardless of their practicality. The new Sisley Highlighter Blush (limited edition Spring 2012) is GORGEOUS, although it swatches a pedestrian peachy pink with a subtle shimmer. I found out as much while swatching it in the store. I walked away from it (when I found out how much it cost), and came back a week later to find it sold out. Then the final shipment came in… and I was unable to resist leaving it in the store a second time.

From the Bloomingdales website:
“Sisley Paris L’Orchidee Highlighting Blush colors and lifts the complexion with an easy-to-apply luminous veil that can be endlessly adjusted. With just one sweep of the brush, the complexion is illuminated and evened out with a light, healthy glow.

The ultra-light and ultra-fine texture melts away into a soft and silky powder, offering light to medium coverage.


Anyway, the stock photo does it NO justice at ALL. It’s much darker in person, and would do well on fair to medium skintones.


So yeah… this is the most gorgeous blush I’ve EVER seen. With the exception of the purple touches in the middle (which is overspray), the rest of the design is baked into the pan. So you keep the shape of the orchid, and the colors in the orchid, pretty much all the way through.

Now, because of the overspray dealie, I have REFUSED to touch it. Refused. Can’t bring myself to swatch it just yet. I’ve actually considered going into the store, swatching it, and taking a picture. Seriously. Yes, I realize this is ridiculous. But I’d like to marvel at the blush just a bit longer before I destroy the pattern.

This blush is also expensive. Not as much as that By Terry $200 blush… but still up there. It retails for $108.

It’s a blush.

C’mon Sisley… it’s a BLUSH. The skin care, I can get behind. But a blush? I need some perspective here…

But wait, who am I kidding? Is the blush  not currently in my possession?


A mess and a shame.

You can find out more about Sisley’s Highlighting Blush HERE.

5 Replies to “Blushed: Sisley Highlighter Blush with White Lily”

  1. Girl, it's enough to make you pass out! LOL Once I had it in my head that I would get it, I set a little money aside. Then it was sold out and I was NOT happy. I went back for a facial… saw it again… couldn't resist.SHAME! Lol It's the most expensive blush I've ever purchased. I went on a 'fast' after that. My financial universe needed some serious balancing.

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