Tom Ford Beauty: The Good, The Bad, and The not-so-Beautiful

I’ve been spending a lot of time with the folks at Tom Ford. The more questions I ask, the more impressed I am with this luxury makeup brand. Most of it is good… some of it is not… all of it is highly indulgent, and pretty expensive.

From the top, my favorite has got to be…


Once I found my proper color (PRALINE), I fell in love all over again. I even like the liquid foundation, which previously for me had been a pass. On the subject of color, most of these foundations run pretty light. The in-between shades are Tawny, Caramel, Toffee and Praline. I am the darkest of those in-between shades. From there — only two other foundations go darker: Chestnut and Warm Almond. Now, Neiman Marcus is not about to let me start swatching and comparing and what not for the purposes of this blog, so for those of you who have emailed me looking for comparisons, a ‘text comparison’ is about as good as it’s going to get.

For reference, I’m MAC NC 43-44. If you’re NC-45, then Chestnut will likely work for you. If you’re NC-50, then Warm Almond will likely match. Anything darker than that, and it’s a wrap for these foundations. Warm Almond is the darkest color. They do not oxidize much… only about an 1/8 of a shade. Really not a huge difference when oxidation is complete (about five minutes). After that, the color that remains is the true shade.

Can you trace the difference between the liquid and the stick foundation? They’re both blended in that swatch… side by side.

It’s all about the finish of these foundations. They are truly traceless. I’m fairly in love with both for different purposes. The liquid is a sheer, to a solid medium coverage. The stick is a medium, to a solid full coverage.


I honestly did not expect to be impressed by these eyeshadows. But Tom Ford shadows have something going for them that blows away their luxury counterparts: Size and Pigmentation. The shadow pans are pretty big, about on par with Tarte. And each shadow is simply SATURATED with color. I have yet to pick a favorite palette. The first one I chose was Sahara Haze, because it features a collection of colors that I wouldn’t have normally put together: Glitter Dark Green, Shimmer Dark Green, Shimmer Dark Grey and Shimmer Pale Gold. The grey color is the wildcard, but it really works well with the other colors.

Check out the swatches:


I knew these would be good. The folks at Tom Ford tell me that this formula is the same as the old one, but I don’t buy that. These are much more moisturizing, and much easier to use. I found the old packaging and formula very vintage, and not always in a good way.

In addition to Black Orchid, I also have Coco Ravish:



This is good. I chose the color ‘Pink Guilt.’ The opaque finish of these glosses is noteworthy, and the formula is thick, but not sticky. I know, that doesn’t really make sense to me either. But it’s the truth. It’s a heavier formula… you can definitely feel it on the lips. But it offers full coverage… which is rare in most lip glosses.


This is, hands down, the WORST item in the makeup collection. It’s called Extreme Mascara, but there is NOTHING extreme about this mascara. The wand is massive, the formula is thin and wet, and it basically brings your lashes together in spiky formation. Separation with this mascara is nearly impossible. There is no volume to speak of… and only moderate length. This is a definite pass.

The blush was not noteworthy enough for me to purchase. I’ve seen all those colors before, and I’m not really impressed by any of the shades right now. I may change my mind later, but right now, the blush is at the bottom of my list for this collection… just above the mascara.

That’s it! Those are my favorites, in order, for the Tom Ford Beauty Collection. I’m positive that I’ll be adding more eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks, and gloss to my kits. Ciao for now!

8 Replies to “Tom Ford Beauty: The Good, The Bad, and The not-so-Beautiful”

  1. The foundations do come across as very impressive, though like you I'd be skeptical on finding a match. Which at this price point, is non-negotiable.Thank you, I loved looking through all of this. :]

  2. I absolutely understand. I do not recommend 'guessing' at a foundation match with this brand unless you can absolutely, positively return it. I will tell you that Neiman Marcus has just upgraded their return policy… so if you decide to take the plunge, do it with them.

  3. Hi Thank you for the review! I'm thinking of buying the foundation but not sure which formula. I have combination skin and I'm afraid if it's too greasy on me. What type of skin do you have? and which one do you recommend it to the combination skin (if at all)? Thanks!

  4. I have very oily skin Kate. I don't think the foundation will be 'greasy' on you at all! The stick foundation sets to a nice soft finish… it's not greasy or slick. Same for the liquid foundation, which much more sheer. I think the Stick Foundation would be lovely for you. If you're worried, see if you can get a sample from Neiman Marcus (inquire online), OR if you live near a Tom Ford counter at NM, check it out for yourself.Hope that helps!

  5. Warm Almond foundation stick is lighter than Chestnut. I’m a NW43 and I bought the Chestnut foundation stick at Neiman in Atlanta. I had to take it back because it was very dark and muddy-looking when I was in natural light. I returned it for Warm Almond and it was perfect in natural and indoor light. By the way Warm Almond in Tom Ford foundation stick is the exact same color and the exact same name as the Bobbi Brown Warm Almond (6.5) foundation stick. I like the Tom Forrd formula better though.

    1. Thanks for that helpful information Davida! You know it’s hard to match foundation colors online, so it’s always awesome when you guys are able to contribute more information about color matching. I appreciate it!

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