My Sustainable Journey: RMS Beauty Cream Shadows

Still more improvements in the world of Organic Beauty… the latest additions from RMS Beauty prove that you can be beautiful, and sustainable, all at once!

The lovely ladies at Spirit Beauty Lounge sent me the RMS Beauty cream shadows to try. Now, I’m an oily skin girl, so I tend to shy away from any product categorized as a ‘cream.’ But I approached these shadows with an open mind, and I’m happy to report, I was not disappointed!

 Spark          Myth           Lunar
Magnetic    Seduce
(my favorite)
They swatch heavy and true… and I notice that they respond to your fingers or a brush.. respectively. You can definitely pick up more product with your fingers, but I was able to really diffuse the colors with a brush, and even blend them together.
Swatched with my fingers
Diffused with a brush
I think it’s best to treat these like the Chanel cream shadows; over powder is likely your best bet. If you wear them alone, a primer is recommended to cut down on the creasing. I wore Seduce alone, with no primer, and it survived about 2 hours before it creased. In the coming weeks, I’m going to experiment with them and see how much I can get them to adapt to other products for longer wear time.
One note… I had to pull the color from my arm with a makeup remover wipe. They did not just wipe away with a dry cloth. So that’s a plus in the pigmentation department.
Overall, I really like them. They wear strong and true, and the organic nature of the shadows is noteworthy. These babies retail for 28.00 a pop (cheaper than Chanel and Armani). You can get them at Spirit Beauty Lounge.

6 Replies to “My Sustainable Journey: RMS Beauty Cream Shadows”

  1. Colors are cool, i have the same prob, the creamy shadows always give me a tuff time.. as they dont stay on ma skin for a longer time :(Good time to use it with primer…. hmmm will try this next time

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