Product Review: 29 Cosmetics (Color Story)

Once I fell in love with 29 Cosmetics’ Hydrating Foundation, I decided that there had to be more fabulous items worth trying from this line.

You can find my review on the Hydrating Foundation here:

So the generous Elissa Pederson sent me several products from the company’s color story, with a special note that 29 Cosmetics Founder (Lydia Mondavi) wanted these specific items sent:

From the left:
Age Protecting Lip Gloss in Pink Champagne
Age Protecting Contouring Blush in Tannins
Age Protecting Highlighting Blush in Berries
Age Protecting Lip Stick in Raise Your Glass
In addition to names that bear some connection to a winery, the making of wine, or drinking in general — the product group names are also derivative. The lipglosses are ‘Dew’ — the blushes are ‘Crush’ — and the lipsticks are ‘Reserves.’

When I first pulled out the lipgloss, I thought it was dual ended (color on one side/topcoat on the other) but quickly realized it was just the packaging. I was also concerned that the Pink Champagne color would not be flattering on my medium/dark skin. After all, the product looks like this:

Turns out, there was NO need for me to be concerned. This lipgloss is infused with a healthy dose of gold shimmer, which really warms it up…

This gloss… I like a lot. Non sticky (an absolute requirement for me to wear it on a regular basis) and sheer enough to look really natural.

The lipstick… well, that’s a different story:

As SOON as I saw that color, I started to stress. I can’t wear that color. Who can wear that color? A client could wear that color. Would I have a client wear that color?

I finally stopped stressing and just tried it on. For the purposes of this post, I put it on without any help. In the future, I would likely warm it up with a pencil and maybe a little gloss.

Onto the blushes, which I found out likely work best when used together. One (Tannins) is a contour blush, and the other (Berries) is a highlighting blush. I love the idea of using two blushes to create a unique look, but I’m not a fan of using two things that are ONLY meant to be used together. The good news is, you can probably use these blushes any way you like.


I used the little brush provided for the swatch, which was stupid because I’m never going to use that brush in real life (I never use the provided brushes in any compact). I found that you need a VERY little bit of this color to have it show up and provide a nice glow. This would make a nice contour for fair to medium skin tones, and an actual cheek blush for medium/dark to darker skin tones.


Berries has a much ‘paler’ color payout… but still added a ‘glow’ to my skin. I would keep this as a blush for lighter to medium skin tones. Any darker than medium, and you run the risk of going ashy.


Overall, the look and feel of 29 Cosmetics is quite something. The packaging has a distinct conservative, vintage feel to it… like that fabulous neighbor or friend of your Grandmother, who only shops at Saks and actually owns (not rents) homes in the Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard.

Although the brand was born on the west coast (Napa Valley), it has a distinct east coast attitude… like old money. 29 is not interested in being trendy or appealing to an audience with a short attention span and constant need for stimulus. The overall concept looks solid, like a piece of well made luggage (like the Samsonite suitcase my Grandmother insists on traveling with everywhere she goes. She’s had it since before I was born).

I’d say this is the perfect color story for someone who’s a true fan of the classics. From the top stitching detail on the box, to the embossed containers, 29 looks like a brand that was here before everyone else… and plans to stick around long after everyone else has gone.

You can buy 29 cosmetics directly from their website at or at Neiman Marcus at

3 Replies to “Product Review: 29 Cosmetics (Color Story)”

  1. I think both the lip products look nice. I'd love to see how you dress up the lipstick with pencil & gloss though. :]Isn't it funny how some colours can just throw us off?

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