Lip Service: By Terry Aqua Tint

Edwin (Space NK Diva) is a helluva salesperson. That’s all I will say about that. There is no reason in the WORLD why I needed the By Terry Aqua Lip Tint… but somehow it came home with me!

Oh, did I mention that I also got the Aqua Lip Topcoat? Like I said, Edwin is a helluva sales person.

The thing about this pair is… OMG, they work! I have very pigmented lips, and tints typically look a mess on me because one lip is more pigmented than the other. Blame genetics. But this stuff…. oh, this stuff does away with such worries because it tints everything evenly!

The applicator is completely saturated with product… no need to double dip. There’s enough product in this little sponge tip to take care of everything. The other fabulous thing… and likely the best part… is that like all By Terry products, this lovely stain doubles as skin care. It’s infused with botanicals (roses, anyone?) to help make your lips all healthy and what not. Now, despite all that botanical goodness, this stain (like all stains) is drying as hell. So, you put the Topcoat over it… and you end up with this:

Just… WOW. And it tints a lovely rose (not that red that it looks like in the tube). It’s quite luxurious. LOVE! By Terry can be such a splurge, but the performance of these products prove that it’s well worth it.

The good news is, these items won’t set you back TOO much. The tint and the topcoat are $30 each. Okay, still not cheap. But not too expensive either. It’s a nice little luxury for your lips… just in time for Summer.

You can get By Terry’s Aqua Lip Tint and Top Coat at Space NK (, or Bloomingdales (

4 Replies to “Lip Service: By Terry Aqua Tint”

  1. Most tints go either red, berry, or pink on me. I LOVE the fact that this one tints to a distinct rose color. Since By Terry is the product line infused with roses, it's only fitting.

  2. What's the name of the color of this tint? I'm trying to purchase it but I only find one in Dancefloor Flirt ( a brighter shade). I like this subtle rose much better! It looks great on you!

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