Professional Grade: The Bride wore Peau Vierge

I spent the day floating around Newport Beach (harbor) on a yacht today. My client, the bride, wanted to be classically dramatic with polished skin and a strong red lip:

For her look, I blended Le Metier de Beaute’s Peau Vierge with her foundation. The result was smooth, polished skin that ‘caught the light’ just the right way. She was very happy with her look. As long as she’s happy, I’m happy.

FOTD: Bridal Party

I was the last person to get ready. It’s always like that… I show up barefaced, get everyone else ready and then slap some makeup on my own face:

Illamasqua Skin Base (#14)
Kevyn Aucoin Diaphonous Radiance Powder
Guerlain Terra Inca Radiant Powder (blush)
Rock & Republic eyeshadow in Fatalistic on brows
Chanel Kaska Biege Quad:
Purple Shimmer on lids
Purple Matte In crease
Beige Matte on browbone
Chanel Eye Pencil in Cassis on waterline
Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara
Naimies Half Lashes
Laura Mercier Lipstick in Bing Cherry

Hot Off The Red Carpet Giveaway: The Winner Is…


Congratulations! You won:

Gold Clutch
Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero
Lorac 3D Lipgloss
Lorac Tantalizing Bronzer
Lorac Eyeshadow Duo in Tease Me
Lorac Eyeshadow Duo in Tempt Me
Jess, I’ve sent you an email. You’ll need to email be back within 48 hours with your mailing address so I can send your prize out to you. If  I don’t hear from you by then, I’ll have to pick another winner. Congratulations again!


Chanel Autumn 2011: Illusion d’Ombre (Epatant)

Time for another review and comparison. I think I rather like this one. I thought it might be too glittery at first, but I’ve found that Epatant adds a nice bit of ‘light’ to other colors. Creasing aside, this one is shaping up to be one of my favorites.

As you can see, I used this before I took a picture. Boo to me! Call it poor planning.

I couldn’t find an Armani counterpart in color. Epatant comes off as a cool shimmer green. The closest green color in Armani is #6, which is more of a golden olive color.

Epatant, swatched alone.
Swatched next to Armani’s #6, Epatant comes off almost completely silver. 
I won’t do a smudge test, because you guys already know what the results will be. I like this color though. I think it’s a keeper.

FOTD: Summer Greens

I didn’t really have a plan… I just wanted something fresh and green(ish):

Illamasqua Skin Base (#14)
Koh Gen Do Translucent Powder
Chanel Blush In Rose Ecrin
Rock & Republic Eyeshadow in Tribal (brows)
Louise Young Eyeshadow in Ting (browbone)
Rock & Republic Eyeshadow in Hangover (lids and under waterline)
Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Epatant (lids)
Stila Smudgestick in Onyx (lashline and waterline)
Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Deauville

*The Rose Ecrin Blush was a gift. I said Thank You and have decided to keep it.*

Practical Application: Chanel Quartz Nail Polish

These Chanel Autumn 2011 polishes are just amazing. I love every single one of them. Today, I did my nails in Quartz…

On me it comes out a distinct shimmer taupe. In the sunlight, I can catch hints of pink and multi-colored shimmer. Each one of these polishes has such a distinct personality. Chanel really did good with this latest collection of polishes. Love!

Tarte for True Blood: Take Two

I can admit when I’m wrong.

I was browsing through Sephora and I SWEAR that Tarte for True Blood eyeshadow palette was calling my name! Yep.. that’s my story. So I went over to swatch it… and damn if every single shadow wasn’t silky and pigmented as all get out! I mean REALLY silky. Omg. Urban Decay Naked Palette fans, I challenge you to swatch these shadows, and see if Tarte doesn’t change your mind.

This palette has a total value of $300+ dollars, but retails for $52. It is a RIDICULOUSLY good value. In addition to 17 rather large shadow pans (shimmer and matte), you also get an eyeshadow primer, a mascara, and the silkiest black gel liner that I’ve ever used. It might be ‘too’ silky, in fact. I swatched it and lost control of it for a second. The slip is that serious.

So I take back what I said about the palette being a pass. It’s not. It’s worth every penny.

This palette is SO good, in fact, that it’s worth a giveaway. Yep.

Details and swatches coming soon. Ciao for now!

Givenchy: Autumn/Winter 2011

Forget the Fairest… it looks like Givenchy wants to be the Darkest of them all…

How Goth can you go…? The luxury makeup brand is celebrating one’s inner Vampire with pale pale skin, blue-black eyes, and a blackened blood red lip.

Now you know the lipstick and the lipgloss in red have my attention… I love a good red. The rest, well, we’ll just have to see.

Practical pictures, swatches, and applications to come… Ciao for now!

Lip Service: Beaute Cosmetics

If it’s true that success can be determined by doing one thing and doing it well, then Beaute Cosmetics is living the dream. Instead of offering a wide range of makeup items, Beaute focuses on one thing: Lips.

The company also offers a range of makeup brushes and tools. But the primary focus for this company is on the lips.

You’d think that focus would translate into a selection of lipsticks, and maybe a few glosses. But that’s not the case. Instead, Beaute Cosmetics has defined itself with a cozy range of Liqui-Gel Lip Stains, Weightless Lip Cremes, and Luminous Volume Lip Glosses.

This week, a lovely little box arrived, with three of Beaute’s bestsellers: Liqui-Gel Stain in Harlot, Weightless Lip Creme in Girlina, and Luminous Volume Lip Gloss in Allure.

Isn’t that just gorgeous?
Harlot       Allure        Girlina
Lip Stain   Lip Gloss   Lip Creme
First impressions are that Harlot would be a good match for my skin tone, but Allure and Girlina might be better reserved for fair-skinned beauties. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to properly swatch them on my warm skin tone. But my worries were for naught, because all of the colors adapted beautifully. I was surprised and impressed that the colors didn’t just ‘sit there’ (as most cool colors tend to do on me). They actually took on a flattering warmth, without help from lip pencils and warmer toned glosses.

Now, the lip gloss and lip creme colors still look like they might be awful on me, right? Look what happens when I put them on my lips:

Luminous Volume Gloss in Allure

I know! I was surprised too. The color totally ‘warmed up’ to my skin-tone an set beautifully. I kept looking at it in different light (natural and artificial) because I just KNEW I was going to step outside looking like I  had no idea how to wear a flattering lip color.

Weightless Lip Creme in Girlina
Same for the lip creme. I really thought this swatch was going to come out awful. The cream went on opaque, warmed a bit, then set. That’s just my lips with no liner and no ‘help’ (warmer lip gloss) to make it more flattering. It wore a medium pink on me. And it really is weightless. I was a little worried that my lips would dry out because of the light feeling formula, but surprisingly that didn’t happen.
Liqui-Gel Stain in Harlot

I’m showing you this initial swatch, because I want you to see how OPAQUE this gel-stain is. My lips are pigmented (and two different colors to boot) and the stain completely evened everything out. That is ONE coat. It’s not ‘watery’ like most stains. It goes on like a lip balm, without the moisturizing properties. You do have to wear a clear gloss over this stain to get the full effect.

After I applied the stain and let it set (about 30 seconds), I put the Allure gloss over it, and here’s what happened:

Love that 3-D effect! I was so excited that I ran out to show my husband (who was thoroughly unimpressed. It’s a guy thing). Just the addition of the gloss enhanced the stain and gave my lips a look that I normally achieve with a pencil, lipstick, and sometimes two different colored lip glosses.

I tested the ‘staying power’ of the stain by giving hubby a big kiss…

The gloss faded a bit, but as you can see, the stain stayed put! I’m totally impressed. Beaute took the time to formulate products that actually work, and the proof is in the pictures. The most noteworthy items for me are the Weightless Lip Creme, and the Liqui-Gel Stain. I’ve never used anything like that stain. It’s the most potent formula I’ve ever come across.

I was a fan of Beaute Cosmetics before these items arrived (I have the Lip Cremes in Masochist and Severine), and these lippies have only served to strengthen my love for the brand. Beaute Cosmetics is proof positive that if you do one thing (or three) and do it well, you’ll likely end up miles ahead of the competition.

You can purchase Beaute Cosmetics at

FOTD: Illamasqua Skin Base

I road tested the Illamasqua Skin Base today… and it passed with flying colors! Now, I decided to go without powder for my first run. Next time I know better. It set beautifully on my oily skin for about 4 hours, but then I got pretty shiny and needed to blot. Still, it wore so well. I really love this foundation.

Illamasqua Skin Base (#14)
Sleek Contour Highlighter in Dark (as blush)
Sleek Storm Palette:
Gold on lids
Brown in crease and under waterline
Black on lashline
MAC Pigment in Lithe on inner corners
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero
Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
Haughty Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Speak Up