Light It Up: Armani Pink Light Powder

This lovely powder was all the rage for the Armani Spring 2011 collection, and quickly sold out! I finally managed to score one on the Armani website. I called an Armani expert (Hey Emma!) and she tells me that the powder is coming back as part of the permanent line! That’s FANTASTIC news for anyone who’s hoping to get one…

I didn’t expect it to be as iridescent as it is. But my worries were unfounded, because it blends out beautifully, even on my medium toned skin…

and even more blended out…

I did that just with my fingers. I love how it ‘adds light’ without adding a bunch of glitter or ash. It’s actually a neutral pink (not warm and not cool). I can see it doing wonders as a highlight in the center of the face, and even at the high points.

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