IMATS; People of Note

I met some AMAZING people during my IMATS experience. The contrast between some of these ‘nouveau professionals’, and ACTUAL professionals is glaring. I am blown away by the courtesy, professionalism, kindness and generosity of the people who have earned their status the old fashioned way… by working for it. There is a beauty and a humility that is lacking in some of today’s ‘celebrities’ in the makeup world.

Desiree of Kevyn Aucoin. She was so courteous and professional while I waxed poetic about the legend that is Kevyn Aucoin. She even held up a signed copy of  ‘Making Faces’ for me to photograph…

She sent me home with a Diaphonous Powder (for medium to darker skintones), and a promise to do business in the future. I was really impressed  by her level of professionalism and grace.

This is Dexter Phillip, the owner of DEX New York Cosmetics. He did my makeup (and please know that with the exception of my wedding day, I have not let a person touch my face since the late 1990’s) just before we took this photograph. He was patient, and sweet, and just completely wonderful. Despite his INCREDIBLY IMPRESSIVE RESUME, he remains humble and kind and open to real honest conversation. I can’t say enough good things about this man. I was so amazed by his great attitude toward everything in general.

Bianca is going to kill me for this, but I did get a picture of Dexter putting highlighter under her eyes.

Doing another woman’s makeup. As you can see, I spent a lot of time with him. I was SO impressed with his professionalism. I bought one of his fabulous lipglosses (Columbus Avenue Copper) that he used on me. Love it!

The incomparable Samantha. This girl got so much money outta me… OMG! lol She was so open and sweet and bubbly and AWESOME. Just a wonderful, honest person. I bought the ‘premium’ package of Naked Cream (more on that later), and that’s something I would never do. Especially since I make my own cream. But that’s how much of an impression she  made on me… and the product is wonderful to boot. I even brought Bianca back to the booth (she also bought the premium package), and Naked’s other amazing person (Shanna) sent me home with their best selling ‘Sierra Nevada’ pigment stack.

I don’t have pictures of one other person (Jennifer from Clarisonic) who offered Bianca the most amazing Pro Discount that I’ve ever seen. She and I have promised to do business in the future as well. She is going to help me gift a Clarisonic Mia when the blog hits 2,000 followers! How awesome is that!

These people made such an impression on me. I was blown away by the level of courtesy and professionalism that they displayed. Some of these ‘new’ pros and youtube gurus could learn a LOT from them. First impressions are everything… and I will always remember the fakeness and the silliness that comes with thinking that you are too important to be nice to a stranger. A person with a webcam and a basic understanding of makeup can become a ‘guru.’ Any contestant strange enough to win a spot on reality television can become a ‘celebrity.’ It takes a heck of a lot more talent, patience, manners, humility, kindness, courtesy, and practicality to actually become a professional.

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