MAC Surf Baby: Summer Stash

It’s taken me forever to decide to purchase and review the pigments from the MAC’s Surf Baby collection. For one thing, the casing is totally impractical. And the pigments aren’t traditional… they’re ‘wet’ so they take a bit of practice to apply. But after a lot of back and forth I finally purchased Summer Stash and Surf The Ocean. The latter has to be replaced… the casing was cracked and pigment had spilled all over the box. MAC is supposed to be replacing it. 2-3 business days or some such.

Anyway, onto Summer Stash:

      Pearl                        Pink
         Peachy                  Old Wine

This is my favorite of the two stacks. Surf the Ocean is nice, but I feel like Summer Stash is richer in tone and texture. I particularly LOVE Old Wine, which I wore in my latest FOTD.


I just went back to the MAC website and it looks like these pigment stacks are sold out AGAIN.They keep coming and going. Hopefully, they’ll be able to replace my Surf The Ocean stack by next week. When they do, I’ll swatch it then. Ciao for now!

6 Replies to “MAC Surf Baby: Summer Stash”

  1. I bought Surf the Ocean when it came out. It came to me with one problem: the gold pigment was melted. Yucky, but I kept it because I wasn't sure it would be restocked or if I could find it in store. Thankfully, it still works fine. I like all the colors except the aqua. It applies a bit patchy.

  2. DalaLuz, they are DEFINITELY metallic. In fact, I've heard that they lose their identity if you wear them too close together. I think I'll stick with using one pigment at a time, or pair them with mattes to keep the colors separated.

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