Giveaway: My Paradise Cheek Color (CLOSED)

Hey Guys,

MAC’s Surf Baby collection seems to have come and gone in a matter of minutes. There is high demand for what I feel is the Crown Jewel in the collection: ‘My Paradise’ Cheek Color. Since it’s sold out online (and is bound to do the same in stores), I thought I’d give everyone the chance to win one.

Same drill as always: You must be a public follower to qualify. Although you can’t see the followers (GFC is a piece of crap these days), I can still see you on my dashboard. If I can’t see you, I can’t enter you. So subscribe by email and you’ll pop up on this site. You can amp your chances by following @shahadakarim on Twitter, liking Adventures In Makeup on Facebook, linking this giveaway to your blog, or linking this blog to your blog.
This giveaway will run until June 30th. Good Luck Everyone!

201 Replies to “Giveaway: My Paradise Cheek Color (CLOSED)”

  1. Alessia I have your email subscription. Please click the 'follow' button at the top of this blog page, to confirm. I've been having everyone do that so that they can be sure. If you're already following, it'll tell you so when you click the link.

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