FOTD: Givenchy Acid Brights

As I’ve stated before, there’s nothing ‘acid’ or particularly ‘bright’ about the Summer 2011 Givenchy Eyeshadow Palette. But all of the colors are lovely, and they merge very well together. Perhaps the palette should have been called ‘Soft Lights.’

MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre (base)
Givenchy Acid Brights Palette:
Yellow in the inner corners
Purple in the lids
Bronze blended through the crease
Louise Young Eyeshadow in Blackbear (brows/lashline)
Urban Decay 24/7 Gel Liner in Rockstar
Besame 1930’s Mascara
Chanel Bronze Universelle (foundation)
Chanel Loose Powder (Dore)
MAC Blush in Sur
Chantecaille HydraChic Lipstick in Willow

Score! Smoke & Mirrors Lashes


Smoke & Mirrors beauty had a bit of a contest on Twitter (@smblashes )… if you got 10 folks to follow them .. they sent you a pair of lashes.

I won! Well, I’m not the only person who won. But I did win a pair of lashes!

These arrived for me on Saturday… Yipee!!! And clearly someone’s been paying attention, because the NEW YORK CITY LASH is my favorite ever!

I LOVE these lashes. They look and feel so natural.. there’s nothing like them. Seriously.

FOTD: Black Karat & Henna

I have to work today… ugh. And so I wouldn’t scare the rest of the world with my blotchy skin and puffy eyes (tears)… I used a little makeup to make me look presentable:

Armani Silk Eyeshadow in #13 (primer/lids)
Laura Mercier Black Karat Eyeshadow (lids/uner water line)
MAC Henna Eyeshadow (crease to brow)
Guerlain Kohl in Black Fakir (waterline)
Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara
Make Up For Ever HD Foundation (#173)
Guerlain Meteorites (Dore)
Sleek Pan Tao Blush
Nars Luster Blush (highlight)
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Canotier

Eye Adore: Urban Decay Freakshow

Urban Decay has come out with a line of new ‘cashmere’ finish eyeshadows. I have to say, they are softer than the originals. And they feature the same level of high pigmentation that many Urban Decay eyeshadows have become famous for.

Most of the color range is pedestrian, although they’ve got some great names. And the packaging reminds me of Tokidoki with wild patterns and images on them to match the names. They even have a black shadow called Zero like the pencil. But really… do I need another black eyeshadow?

What I fell in love with was the deep purple called ‘Freakshow.’

It swatches VERY solid… no skipping. The formula is silky and the color is dense and covet-worthy:

Love it. The flash made the purple brighter… it’s not. It’s a very deep purple… like a shimmer version of MUFE’s covet-worth #92. Actually it may be even deeper than that. What I love about it is that it’s a true purple, not a blue-purple like many shadows seem to be. Keeper. If I could only choose one of the new color lineup in this shadow formula, it would be this one.

Guerlain Summer 2011: Giant Mosaic Bronzer

Because I truly don’t know what to do with myself right now, I will just post or something. As we process our sudden loss, I seem to be trying to fill every second with something…

Here is the Giant Mosaic Bronzer:

I got it Friday, before learning that my friend had passed,  and was all set and excited to post a review… and then the news…

And well. That’s about it.

This bronzer is HUGE… twice the size of the regular bronzers. It doesn’t feature the resin/wood finish of the Terra Inca Radiant Powder (It retails for one dollar less… at 69.00), or the mirror that comes with the other bronzers, but it more than makes up for that in size.

The Mosaic pattern on this bronzer is simply stunning. The gold that you see is overspray… it goes away with just one or two swipes. After that, it behaves like a traditional bronzer…


I swatched twice… the one on the left has more of the gold overspray; and on the right is likely the color it will end up being once (most of) the overspray is gone.

Like all Guerlain Bronzers, this one is finely milled and can be used a number of ways. I can see using this one as a contour (once the overspray is gone) and even as an eyeshadow.
I really like this. I have to give Shontay ( credit for bringing this to my attention… I would not have even know about it, had she not posted a link. Thanks Girl… now Guerlain has even more of my money. 🙂

Remembering James

James Kang
Awesome Human Being

This was my friend James. I borrowed this picture from another friend (Bryan Frank) who was even closer to him. We are in mourning, and everyone who knew him is doing their best to process this loss.

James passed away unexpectedly on Friday.

I remember him as he always was: ever with a smile, friendly, always with a kind word for everyone. I’ve known James for quite a few years, and I don’t ever remember him being truly upset about anything. He always found the positive in any situation, and he added a little sunshine to everyone’s lives. He was an active member on twitter and facebook, and always had something lovely to say to those he communicated with.

I worked with James in both of his professions, as a media manager and as a photographer. He was good friends with my husband… they were the same age and shared a love of jazz and old music.

We’re all just very quiet right now… all of us. James is truly loved, and he will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him.

Rest In Peace buddy…. we love you.

FOTD: Hot Off The Red Carpet

I used EVERYTHING in the Lorac ‘Hot Off The Red Carpet’ Collection… and just WOW. The quality of all of the products puts some luxury brands to shame (and I should know, lol). I’m very impressed with this collection. I got it from a local beauty supply store (Naimies) and I’m pretty sure I got the last one. This is SO worth a giveaway. If I ever find another one…

Rock & Republic Eyeshadow in Fatalistic (brows)
LORAC Tease Me Duo:
Green in the inner corners
bronze on the center lid
LORAC Tempt Me Duo:
Champagne on the browbone
Dark Brown on the outer lid and under waterline
YSL Waterproof Eye Pencil (waterline)
Napoleon Perdis Gel Liner (lashline)
Buxom Mascara
Guerlain Paurue Gold (06)
NARS Bronze Multiple in Rapa Nui (contour)
LORAC Tantalizing Bronzer (as blush)
Chanel Lip Pencil in Cognac
LORAC 3D Lipgloss