Guerlain Summer 2011: Terre Indigo

This is the other part of the collection that I wanted so very badly. Each piece is worthy of its own post. I’m not kidding. They are simply fabulous.

 The Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette features an amazing, if impractical design:

I was so frightened to swatch it, for fear of ruining the pattern. An in the name of this blog, ruin it I did…

There are four distinct colors in this palette: Dark Brown, Orange, Matte Deep Blue, and Medium Brown Shimmer. Each color is separated by a band of gold overspray. You’ll get some shimmer in your colors initially, but eventually all of the colors look like they’ll go matte.

Every color is highly pigmented, and I had a bit of a time getting it off… which I will interpret as a testament to the shadows’ staying power.

I’m sad that I had to ruin this lovely palette to use it, but I’m sure I’ll get plenty of use out of it.

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