Eye Adore: YSL Pure Chromatics Wet/Dry Eyeshadows

YSL decided to go bright and bold for summer… with a collection of wet/dry shadows:

The quads are a departure from their traditional quints, and they’re limited edition. Every single one is beautiful, but at 50+ bucks a pop, there’s no way I can snap them all up at once. So I picked my favorite at the moment, which is #3:

I picked it for the denim blue, which is more smooth and pigmented than any shadows that I have in that color. I also really liked the cool bronze color and the shimmer brown.

Swatches… dry:

And wet:

When the shadows are wet, they turn into the same consistency as a Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream. I’m really impressed. On the down side, using the shadows wet makes a complete mess of the palette. Mine is all ugly now. Boo. And it didn’t clean up well. But since the shadows perform so well, I guess I’ll forgive YSL, for now.

Although the quads are limited, YSL has also come out with a line of waterproof eyeliners that are permanent. So, those of you who were bummed that you didn’t get your hands on the Armani version before they sold out… worry not. Just head over to your nearest YSL counter and get their version. The YSL Black Liner is shinier than the Armani version anyway… so win-win.

4 Replies to “Eye Adore: YSL Pure Chromatics Wet/Dry Eyeshadows”

  1. No… I mean permanent to the collection. The quads are limited edition, so when they sell out… they will be gone forever. The eye pencils are not limited edition. You can get them anytime.

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