Photo Finish: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation

I finally decided to guess at  my color and get the Revlon Photo Ready Foundation (Thanks Socialite Dreams for the reminder):

I figured that ‘Caramel’ was closest to me. The color before it was way too light, and the color after it was way too dark…

It has a pump! Love that.
It has a ‘smell’… like a new Barbie Doll (rubber). Don’t love that. It also looks like it might be a shade too light for me…

In person, the foundation matched my skin. But it photographed too light. What I think is that the undertones aren’t warm enough, and that the ‘light reflecting’ particles in this foundation can also work against you by reflecting too much back at the flash. People used to have similar problems with MAC Studio Tech (going waaaaaaaaaaay back). Not good.

The coverage for this foundation is medium. Not sheer, not full… but middle of the road. It’s buildable, but I found that building it caused it to go ashy on me.

Although this is an oil free formula likely better for oily skin types, it was a miss for me. I don’t like the smell, I don’t like the finish, and the color selection isn’t nearly as diverse as the Maybelline Fit Me line.

With that said, I’m packing up both and shipping them to my little sister. She’ll get much more use out of them than I ever will. I’ve done my duty with trying out drug store lines to be fair (because I tend to be partial to higher end foundations)… now I’m done for the time being. I will use any brand of makeup if it performs… but I tend to really invest in foundations. An eyeshadow can be primed, built, blended and corrected. I don’t like the idea of having to do all of that with a foundation. When you’re putting together a face of makeup… if the base isn’t right, the finished face won’t be right.

10 Replies to “Photo Finish: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation”

  1. I'm a firm believer that no matter what… your foundation has to be laid properly. You can have the most amazing eyeshadow looks and lip looks in the world, and it can all be undone if people are distracted by a bad foundation job.

  2. oh too bad you don't like it….it has been a rave down here (philippines) I haven't tried tho…I want to stick with maybelline as it is way cheaper than revlon.

  3. Maybelline is cheaper and I like the smell and the color selection better. I just wish it would stay on my oily skin. If you have dry or combination skin, that Fit Me Foundation from Maybelline would likely work very well.

  4. i tried this out too, and i dont like it either. i dont like medium coverage foundation, i like full coverage, which is why i use revlon colour stay. you should try that? at first when i out it on sometimes it looks to dark for my skin colour, and sometimes it looks to light, but after it drys properly it suits, but i prefer to use revlon over mac, that might sound stupid. love your blog btw:)

  5. Thanks for the review, I've been wanting to try this for a while, but the price (really Revlon, $13.99 for drugstore foundation?!) and the limited color selection have kept me from buying it. I do love that it at least has a pump and can I just say that you look so pretty even with a bare face 🙂

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