FOTD: Makeup Show Haul


I wanted to use some of the goodies that I got from The Makeup Show over the weekend. Here’s what I ended up with:

Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation (Banana)
Chantecaille Loose Powder (Shadow)
Chantecaille Aqua Blush (Daring)
Louise Young Eyeshadow in Ting (browbone)
Louise Young Eyeshadow in Sislet (lid)
Louise Young Eyeshadow in Pom Pom (crease/brows/under waterline)
OCC Pigment in Hum (inner lid)
MAC Eye Pencil in Smolder
Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
MAC Cremesheen Lipgloss in Overindulgence

Oscar Winners: Most Stylish

I wasn’t a fan of this year’s show. And the makeup, for me, left much to be desired. Not much color on the carpet, in the way of makeup. Not at all. Still, some stunners stood out to me. Here are my favorites:

Sandra Bullock got the memo. Just fabulous. She picked a good gown, and paired it with great hair and makeup.

Halle Berry was STUNNING in head to toe nude. Nude makeup with a slight smoky eye. She looked absolutely amazing.

So Glamorous! I loved this look on Reese Witherspoon. Even the phony pony worked. Her looked was simple and streamlined, and very Old Hollywood. Love!

Jennifer Hudson just defies description. STUNNING FROM HEAD TO TOE. Everything worked… hair, makeup (just polished), and that DRESS! Girl! You betta WORK! I loved it. I literally squealed out loud when I saw her. Just amazing!

I want to be Helen Mirren when I grow up. That is all. She is a testament to aging gorgeously and gracefully. Love it!

Hillary Swank was a lovely surprise. I loved this dress on her.

I didn’t like Anne Hathaway’s getup on the Red Carpet. But I did love her cranberry colored strapless number during the show. So special mention goes to her for the best gown that she wore for the shortest amount of time during the show. I hope she doesn’t lighten her hair anymore though. She ought to remain a brunette. It works for her.

That’s it! Those are my pics for best dressed women, with decent makeup to boot. Ciao for now!

The Makeup Show LA: Haul & Swatches

Yes yes, I know. I promised to just LOOK and not touch! But I couldn’t help it… some of the stuff is LOVELY. I didn’t do too much damage. I just got a few things that are not yet widely available, and that I can get the deepest discounts on only at the show.

Kevyn Aucoin Bronzer and Big Powder Brush.

From right to left: Chantecaille Face Powder in Shadow, Chantecaille Aqua Blush in Daring, Make Up For Ever Uplight in #33, OCC shimmer pigment in Hum (top), OCC Shimmer Pigment in Distortion (bottom).

Kevyn Aucoin Bronzer. LOVE! Finally, a bronzer dark enough (and with less shimmer and more pigment) to actually countour around the outside of the face for medium and darker skin tones. ‘Bout time! Normally, most bronzers are either too shimmery, too light, or too muddy to get the job done properly. I love this brand all over again.

Chantecaille Aqua Blush in Daring. This is good stuff. I swatched it heavy so you guys can see the color. It’s a perfect coral peach, and blends down beautifully:

Make Up For Ever Uplight in 33. It’s a highlighter for regular use, But I can see this mixed with a bronzer, to boost a foundation, an eyeshadow, or even a lip color. It’s gorgeous, and blends down beautifully:

OCC Pigment in Distortion. It’s photographing blue, but it’s shot through with teal and a bit of black. It’s gorgeous. It reminds me of MAC Plummage IN the pot (because when you pull Plummage out of the pot it goes black and muddy).

OCC Pigment in Hum (left). I had the hardest time photographing this pigment. BOO! It’s a peach-orange shot through with a fuchsia. Really lovely. In addition to an eyeshadow, this would make a fantastic highlight and a layer in a lip color.

That’s it! It’s a little haul, but remember… I wasn’t supposed to get ANYTHING this time around. lol Ciao for now!

The Makeup Show LA: Pro Education From David Hernandez

I went to one of the pro classes this time. David Hernandez stressed the importance of thinking outside any conventional ‘product’ and thinking and behaving like an artist:

Good class. He used unconventional products to make this face… even talked about making EVERYTHING from scratch, including foundations. I loved it. I’m going to get some pure pigment to deal with this Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua so I can wear it and not destroy the formula. Viva la Make Up For Ever!!! I learned a lot. Thanks David!

The Makeup Show LA: General Faire

I just went around with  my camera and snapped pictures of all the vendors. Special note for Inglot Cosmetics, which I am NOT familiar with. They had a HUGE display…. makeup overload! I was so overwhelmed that I ended up not buying anything:

And that’s just Inglot!

Kevyn Aucoin:
If I had money to burn, I would ONLY use Hakuhodo Brushes. They’re THAT good.
Ya’ll know there are NOTHING like Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows:
The newest addition to the MUFE family: Uplight. Absolutely Divine!

FOTD: MUA for The Makeup Show LA

I actually went through the trouble of putting on makeup for The Makeup Show today. I almost didn’t… but I’m glad I did because I ended up talking to more people than I normally do. I told you guys… typically I come in, pick up what I can’t get retail, and I’m out. But I actually stayed for a class (YAYY MAKE UP FOR EVER!) and bought a few things. GASP! I know, I wasn’t supposed to spend money. It’s a hard promise to keep when it comes to makeup goodies!

Anyway, back to the face:

Chantecaille Future Skin (Banana)
Chanel Loose Powder (Dore)
NARS Orgasm Blush
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sidecar (browbone)
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Hustle (crease)
MAC Eyeshadow in Mulch (lid)
MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon (outer lid under waterline)
Make Up For Ever Star Powder in #469
MAC Eye Pencil in Smolder
Besame 1930’s Mascara
Chanel Lip Pencil in Nude
Rouge d’Armani Lipstick in Beige 106

Audrey K, Besame & A Giveaway!

I found the most DELIGHTFUL little shop, right near my own neighborhood!

This place is AWESOME! It’s so girly and cute and just full of girly goodness! The whole place is completely adorable. I went there in search of Besame Lippies:

These things defy description. The packing is so artful and so dedicated to honoring Old Glamour… it’s all just stunningly beautiful. Audrey K has these lippies (it’s actually a set), tinted lip balms, and mascaras. I understand that Besame is also launching a new line of foundations that I’ve decided that I just have to try. Here’s hoping the shade range is diverse enough to accommodate all beauties!

Here’s what I ended up with:

Tinted lip glosses in Cherry and Sweet Rose, Lipstick/Pencil/Brush sets in Champagne and Red Velvet, and 1930’s mascara.

Practical application:

Lipstick/Lip Pencil in Champagne (it actually looks more like a dark tan in real life. The flash is causing it to go pink).

Lipstick/Lip Pencil in Red Velvet. This red is more orange than blue based. Very flattering on darker skin tones.

I also found these FANTASTIC little flavored lip balms!

Come ON! How incredibly cute are these?

I love these three little lip balms so much, that I’m paying a set of them forward in a giveaway! We’ll let this one run a week. One winner will be randomly selected and announced on Friday, March 4th. Good Luck Everyone!

Oh, and before I forget, Audrey K Boutique is in the running to be on the Los Angeles Hotlist. I think this little store TOTALLY deserves the votes! I’m totally voting for them. You can cast your vote (if you wish) at

The Makeup Show- LA

The folks behind this event finally fixed the payment method on their website, so I was able to get my tickets at the last possible minute! Gah! I had actually forgotten about this show… most of my attention goes to IMATS. The Makeup Show is a miniature version of IMATS. It’s a good way to get a preview for the big show, and a chance to get your hands on as-yet-unreleased products from any given major makeup brand (except MAC. They don’t exhibit here… yet).
I likely won’t get any makeup (I’m sure I have quite enough)… but I’ll be there to poke around and see what’s what. It’s also a nice way to network and get to know other professionals.
I have to get up earlier this time. Last year I showed up right when the doors opened and it was PACKED! I was there all plain and makeup free, and these folks were DRESSED TO THE NINES… with fabulous hair and makeup to boot. I never shop all made up though. I’m a bit of a ‘power shopper.’ I get in, get what I want, and get out.
I may also check out a few classes while I’m there.
No matter what… I’ll be sure to take a ton of pictures to post and share!

Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

This is not for everyone.

In fact, Chanel has guaranteed this fact by making a shade of foundations so limited, that the darkest shade is still nearly a full shade too light for me… and I’m medium-toned.

What year is it?

These foundations are currently on display and ready for sale at Nordstrom stores across Southern California. But there are NO testers. I’m almost wondering if that’s on purpose. The Vita Lumiere Aqua is meant to replace the Teint Innocence line, which also featured a limited color range. I guess Chanel simply wasn’t interested in evolving on this one. That color you see is NOT the color of the foundation; all the bottles are small (one ounce) and opaque.

You actually have to open the bottle (after you shake it up to mix the formula) to get the true color:

That color is Beige Sienne (or 5.0). That is the DARKEST shade in this foundation formula. I was pretty bummed about it, because I really wanted to test this foundation by itself. But I can’t wear it without a dark primer or a darker bronzer around the edges of my face. Otherwise it just won’t work.

The foundation range comes with two different undertones: Beige (yellow)  and Beige Rose (pink). The range is from 1.0 (the lightest) to 5.0 (the darkest).

It applies light and even, and blends down to a powder almost immediately. In fact, Chanel MUA’s do not recommend that you use this foundation with a brush because it’s already set by the time you start trying to move it around on your face. So you apply with fingers, and blend. It’s quick and easy to apply, with sheer to medium coverage. This foundation is nothing like its Vitalumiere sister, which sets to a shiny finish. This one sets unmistakably matte.

Despite the limited color range, I did get the darkest color to try with a primer (normally I use MUFE #4). I should also mention the scent of this product… it smells distinctly like Iris perfume. I think that Chanel is trying to imitate Guerlain with the foundation fragrance.

If you’re my shade or darker, just pass this foundation by. It’s not worth fighting with the color. The formula is good… but certainly not enough to spend $45 for something that doesn’t match your skin. This is for the fair skinned beauties… no doubt about it.

I am sad that Chanel chose to go with such a limited color range. It would have been nice to include ALL beauties in the creation of this new foundation.

Totally Random:

I found a discontinued bottle of ‘Trapeze’ nail polish while poking around a department store. I never got the shade when it came out about 3 years ago. So, OF COURSE I snapped it right up! Lovely color… gold based taupe. Highly reflective and very flattering. I love it.

FOTD: Giveaway Face


I wanted to use the shadows that I’m gifting in the latest giveaway (no, not THE SAME shadows… I have my own. lol):

Guerlain Parure Extreme (Dore 24)
YSL Concealer (#4)
MAC Blush in Personal Style
MAC Eyeshadow in Brule (lashline to brow)
MAC Eyeshadow in Texture (lid)
MAC Eyeshadow in Handwritten (crease/brows)
MAC Eyeshadow in Soft Brown (blended above crease)
MAC Eyeliner in Smolder (waterline)
Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
MAC Lipliner in Hodgepodge
MAC Lipsstick in Viva Glam Gaga II