Product Review: Guerlain Parure Extreme

I cannot label this product ‘covet worthy’ in good conscience; because I cannot be certain that it actually is. The truth is, I’m still trying to figure it out.

I imagine that it’s called ‘Extreme’ because of the coverage potential. But in reality, the coverage is about on par with the other two formulas. The difference with this formula is that it’s ideal for oily skin. It would be AWFUL on dry skin. Here’s why…
The formula is very thin… almost watery. It’s not creamy, or gel like in any way. If you’re not careful, it’ll run off your hand (if you’re using it to apply with a brush) or off of your fingers (if you’re applying by hand). It goes on and sinks right into the skin. It’s a bit to get used to. It’s gone so fast, that you might be tempted to layer it. Dont.
It sets almost instantly to a matte finish. It doesn’t look chalky or streaky (provided you’ve blended). Just matte. 
I like the way it wears. It feels like I’m not wearing anything (a plus for those who don’t like the feeling of wearing makeup). The formula is so thin that it’s virtually weightless. Like all Guerlain foundations, it features the distinct scent of violets.
By accident, I got #6 in this formula. I’ll be trading it in for Dore 25, which is my true shade. I like this foundation. I don’t love it (yet), but I do like the idea of not being able to feel it on my face. And the coverage (medium to full … buildable) is excellent. With some time (and a LOT of practice), Guerlain’s Aqua Extreme may just become covet worthy.

2 Replies to “Product Review: Guerlain Parure Extreme”

  1. Lol! Yeah… I like it. But I have to tell you, the formula is… interesting. It's just SO thin, and I'm used to my foundations having a little body. But it does set right away, and it's matte, and it's not really moisturizing. So if you've got oily skin and you want to control it with a foundation that won't run or crease, then this is likely the foundation for you.

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