Covet Worthy: L’Oreal Hip Powder Kohl

I’m admittedly a bit of a makeup snob. So I’m always surprised when I come across something that really works for a fraction of the price of luxury brands. I can’t take credit for this latest discovery; it comes courtesy of another makeup maven… who informed me that they were being discontinued.

So I bought just one, because I’m a skeptic. And I tried it… and WOW. I instantly went back and bought the rest of the colors available at that particular store. Many were sold out. That’s likely because they’ve been discounted as much as 75% OFF. You heard me right. I didn’t pay full price for any of them. I had to drive around a bit to get them all… but get them all I did (I think. There might be a metallic grey floating out there that I don’t have).

So RUN — don’t walk — to get your hands on these things. They actually have a better applicator than the Guerlain version (although Guerlain’s packaging is much nicer). They’re not as finely milled, but the color payoff is noteworthy.

And not to worry… if you can’t get any, I’m giving away three of them for the holidays. With any luck, you’ll be selected as the winner!

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