FOTD: Blue Smoke

Playing around with Estee Lauder again… this time I used the ‘Midnight Star’ Eyeshadow:

I used the one eyeshadow to do most of the work. I did pop a Paint Pot under it to boost it through the crease though.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation (5.0)
Guerlain Meteorites
Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Temptation
MAC Paint Pot in Fresco Rose
Estee Lauder Eyeshadow in Midnight Star
Guerlain Powder Kohl in Bleu
Make Up For Ever Lash Fibers
YSL Faux Cils in Radical Black
Kaplan MD Lip 20 in Blackberry Shine
Here’s something I’ve noticed with the shadows: They pack on beautifully, but leave a bit to be desired with blending. I find that if you blend them too much, the color tends to skip… leaving little gaps of skin in between. Not good. I will give the brand kudos for the color payoff. But the formula needs a bit more work so that the shadows are more silky, and blend a bit more easily. I spoke to the SA at one counter and she told me to email the company… because apparently they’re interested in feedback. I think I shall.

3 Replies to “FOTD: Blue Smoke”

  1. Hmm…Double Wear Light foundation. I had such trouble with the regular version. Basically, I embarrassed myself by walking around with that stuff on my face. I tried to ignore your first post about the Light version, but here you are again looking great with it on. I currently use Philosophy's Superbeautiful in Rich as my daily foundation. I like it and it looks good on me, but it doesn't keep me as matte as I would like. But I'm still testing different finishing powders so we'll see. I have been matched to MUFE HD 173 and mostly NC44/45 in MAC so I think EL DWL in 5 would be ok. But I'm afraid of the ash somehow making an appearance. Would I need something like Meteorites to make it look natural?

  2. Hi Jasmine,I'm not a fan of the DoubleWear either. I prefer the DoubleWear Light because it blends down beautifully and it comes in a much warmer shade range. It also gives medium coverage, and it's buildable. I really like this foundation.I have not used the Philosphy version. I'll have to check it out!If you're matched to MUFE 173 then you're my shade. That's my foundation color. If you're worried about it going ashy then you can 'correct' it down with the MUFE Primer in the orange color (I think it's #4). I use it for all foundations that I'm concerned about not being 'warm' enough. When I pick a foundation… if I find that I'm between colors, I always pick the darker shade. Meteorites is not really a bold corrector. It gives a nice 'neutral' finish to most makeup. If you happen to be red or sallow in some areas, it'll even that out.But if you really want a good finish, I'd go with MUFE HD Powder. It sets your foundation without looking like you've packed powder on top of any given foundation. That's one of my favorites.Hope that helps!

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