My Holiday 2010: Favorite Things (eyeshadow)

Some of the new Holiday Collections have my attention. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

A few really stand out, while others sort of fall flat. EVERYONE seems to be all about gold, or some variation or interpretation.

Chanel came out swinging in October with Tentations Cuivree:

This eyeshadow quad continues to be my ‘go to’ for color variations. All of the colors feature a heavy dose of gold glitter, but it’s workable. Unlike some of the NARS varities, where the glitter tends to ‘separate’ from the base color, the Chanel variety stays put. It can also be blended out (beware the fall out) if you want more color and less glitter.

Dior answered with Endless Shine:

I’m still working on this one. I find the colors ‘cool.’ Despite their gold base, the colors translate cool on my warm skintone, and sometimes run the danger of going ashy. I find this especially true for the darkest color in the center. So… the jury’s still out. The pigmentation and blendability are stunning, so Dior really did their homework in that department. I’m just not sure that I’m a fan of this interpretation.

Yves Saint Laurent brought it home with #3:

That’s what it’s called. #3. I had to open the box at the store to make SURE it was the right color combo, because the description was so… nondescript! Boring name aside, I LOVE THIS PALETTE. Every possible interpretation of gold is here… from the platinum inspired center, to the warm coffee brown color. What I truly like about this palette is the peach-gold shimmer, which actually looks ‘peach gold’ on my brown skin. Women of color can testify to the impossible search for a true peach. It either goes pink or orange. So this palette is a true treasure for me. I may even get a backup. No… seriously.

On the singles scene, NARS really pushed for a standout with Etrusque:

This is an odd antique gold. But it’s solid, which I really like. Some NARS golds tend to skip. Others are loaded down with glitter (much of which ends up on your cheeks). But this one is unique, and it plays well with other shadows. I can see this particular color going a bit ‘yellow’ on fairer skin tones. I’d say it’s a true antique gold on darker skin. I like it. I’m keeping it.

And Chanel did something a little different, with Splash:

Now, you’d think that with a name like ‘splash’, this liquid to powder shadow would be more of a blue or a silver or something. Nope. It’s a solid taupe-bronze… that tends to go muddy on fair skin if you use too much. I really like this color. For one thing, I don’t have anything like it in terms of  formulation and shading. And, I can use it as a base. Nothing is more attractive to me than a product that properly multi-tasks.

So that’s it… my personal standouts for Holiday 2010. Thanks for indulging me!

4 Replies to “My Holiday 2010: Favorite Things (eyeshadow)”

  1. That's always a good way to go. Start making that list early! lol If you must choose one, I say go for the YSL. You can get more use out of it, and the colors are just stunning.

  2. That Nars gold is drool-wrothy. Even though I have a million gold eyeshadows, I don't think I have one quite like that. I like the Chanel Splash too, it seems like it'd be great for brown skin because it wouldn't turn "ashy" on the lids

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