Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Happy Belated Birthday… that is. Monday (the 15th) was my official birthday, though I’ve been celebrating since Saturday!
I’ve had a fantastic time letting folks guess my age. The best was a guess that was 7 years younger than I actually am. No, I’m not going to tell my age… yet. I will say that I’m staring down the barrel of 40, and it’s looking pretty good from my point of view. I think my perception has a lot to do with something a woman told me when I was 29 (about to turn 30). She told me that I was entering the next three decades of the most amazing times of my life. So I’ve been happy go lucky about the whole thing since I turned 30. Now after 50, I may have to revisit the philosophy to propel me through the second half of my century.
I guess age is relative. I certainly don’t feel older, and I tend to be childlike (not to be confused with immature) about much of what Life tosses my way. I stay active, try to keep this skin right (oxygen treatments and silicone allergies nonwithstanding) to the best of my ability. That basically means, clean/exfoliate/moisturize with some regularity. No secrets, no magic bullet. Skin is basically as good to you as you are to it. That’s my philosophy anyway.
So… onto the next year I go! Here’s to health, happiness, and true QUALITY of life!

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