Miss Magpie & Me

I haven’t really been able to play in my Sugarpill shadows … by myself. Sometimes I’ll get on a job and Goldilux comes out to play. But one of the true standouts in the loose shadow collection is Magpie. It’s a black-based teal, that simply does not translate to my photographs:

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
MAC Loose Powder in Medium/Dark
MAC Beauty Powder in Briar Rose
Illamasqua Metal Cream in Surge
MAC Paint Pot in Delphi
Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Shadow in Magpie
MAC Eyeliner in Smolder
Chanel Mascara
Chanel Lipliner in Cognac
(filled all the way in)
Clear Lip Balm

*A recent bout with an ‘oxygen treatment’ has left my skin looking pretty rocked. It’s been pretty dry and inflamed over the weekend… SO… I’ve been treating it and cooling it down. Forgive the ruddiness. It should be calmed down in about a week’s time.*

2 Replies to “Miss Magpie & Me”

  1. Magpie looks gorgeous on you! I like how it has a sheen to it. And if thats your skin looking rough, I'd take it over one of my good skin days anytime 🙂

  2. Thanks Raisa! I want to start using Magpie more… it's a really lovely pigment. Yeah, my skin is patchy and ruddy. I stopped the treatments and rubbed my face down with Vitamin E and Lavender. That helped a LOT. Your skin is LOVELY. Hush!

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