Full Coverage: Armani Designer Shaping Cream Foundation

It’s taken me a while to get to this one. I have the Luminous Silk, which is excellent… but to date, the only real cream foundation I’ve used on a regular basis is Shu Uemura Face Architect. I tried RMK (hated it) and haven’t really seen a payoff from some of more mainstream brands (Laura Mercier… NO). Shu Uemura has been my standard go-to foundation for normal to dry skin… until now.

This stuff is EXCELLENT. I’ve not heard the best about it; apparently some folks have had a time blending it and were concerned that it was too much coverage. But I have to tell you, as full coverage cream foundations go, Armani is leading the charge.
What I really like about it is that it sets on my very oily skin without much blending at all. I put it on with my fingers, and it merged right in. It kind of makes me wonder if people who’ve had problems have been using TOO MUCH of this foundation. A little goes a very long way. And it’s buildable (as if it needs ANY building… the first layer is quite enough) just in case you think you need even more coverage (you won’t).

I wore this foundation without any setting powder, which is huge for me. I’m much too oily to wear any real cream foundations without setting them. But I wanted to really test its wear. It did not crease at all, and it looked more like my ‘skin’ and less like I was wearing a ton of foundation. After a few hours, my oil production did kick up, and I had to blot. But had I set it, I likely wouldn’t have had that problem. This foundation wears beautifully and stays put. I imagine, that at $65 it would need to do that.

I know that price is a little steep, but considering the ‘amount’ of product that you use, it’s totally worth it. I covered my entire face using just a bit from the spill guard in the jar. 

Put me down as a fan. This is good stuff. This foundation is proof that the folks at Armani decided to do their homework, and come out at the head of the class.

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