My Sustainable Journey: Neutralize w/ Kjaer Weis

They’re getting better and better… these organic and natural makeup lines. The most recent line to hit my radar is Kjaer Weis (say it with me: KAY-yer Wice [like mice]). The idea is to put sustainable, effective product into high end packaging and market it as a luxury brand.

Kjaer Weis is certified organic… meaning that 95% of the ingredients are organic. It also contains no harsh chemicals and parabens. It comes in an AMAZING package with the weight and feel of steel:

That’s the eyeshadow in Cloud Nine, which is a sheer gold color.
Notice the size of the shadow. These items are NOT very big. They’re not as small as yaby but they’re not as big as MAC. Somewhere in between… I think. But what they lack in size, they make up for in delivery. The colors are pigmented, soft, and blend with amazing efficiency. They also last all day. I used Cloud Nine and Onyx (a soft grey/black) together…

Now, the good news is… these eyeshadows are awesome. The bad news is, the eyeshadows are the ONLY part of this makeup line that is awesome. I find the creme blushes to be sticky and sheer, and the lip glosses to be mediocre in color payoff and texture.

And the bad news doesn’t stop there. The color selection is pedestrian. Onyx and Cloud Nine are the most interesting shades in the shadows. The third is an ashy taupe and the fourth is a matte brown… because apparently, there aren’t enough matte brown eyeshadows in the makeup universe.

The price point is also pretty high. The shadows retail for $44 a pop. That’s nothing to sneeze at, considering their size and color selection.

So here’s the deal: Kjaer Weis is awesome and cool if you’ve got $$$ to burn. But if you don’t, and you’re not married to awesome packaging or sustainable ingredients… you can certainly find something of comparable quality for much less money.

I like the line for what it is… and I admire what the brand is trying to do. But I have to say, if you’re going to go this route with ingredients and high end packaging and price… you’re going to need a ‘wow’ factor. At the very least, give us some colors that are so unique, that we’d be hard pressed to find a dupe… anywhere on the planet.

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