Holiday 2010: Nailed by Dior

The bold and beautiful world of nail polish just got a little ritzier, with the new nail polishes by Dior.

Meet Timeless Gold:
And Czerina Gold:
Both of these nail colors are absolutely stunning. Timeless Gold is a true gold (not yellow or green) with a good dose of shimmer. Czerina gold is a deep brown with yellow gold and green shimmer. I have to say, I love them both. Add to that the new Dior nail polish brush (wider than Chanel…reminds me of the Sally Hansen ‘Jet Set’ brushes), and you’ve got a winner for the 2010 Holiday Collection. The entire lineup is mainly gold based shimmers. I feel that the nail polishes are the true crown jewels. If you must get something from this line (and don’t want to break the bank), drop a few bucks on one of these gems. I think that they’re totally worth it.

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