Sugarpill: Starry Eyed Surprise

I got two Chromalust eyeshadows from the latest Sugarpill additions. 
Meet Magentric…
 …and Stella

Swatched with flash…
 …and without.
Magentric is a magenta shadow with turquoise shimmer, and Stella is black with pink and teal glitter. Both are TO.DIE.FOR. As always, Sugarpill never fails to disappoint. So I wore it today … in the daytime … blended all the way out…

What the hell is that on the bridge of my nose? A loose hair from a rushed tweeze. Ugh.

SugarPill Rules!
That is all.

Chanelling Kristen Stewart: The Unusual Smoky Eye

You all know Kristen Stewart:
The non-traditional (and rather reluctant) starlet was cast as a character named Bella in the ultimate PG-13 romanticism of vampire lore… Hollywood is nothing if without a sense of humor. Kristen Stewart may not possess the inflatable body parts and botoxed features of some of her more notorious counterparts, but she shines nonetheless. I really like this particular ‘smoky eye’ done on Stewart. The look inspired a tutorial from Pixiwoo Samantha, which inspired a look from me:
The ‘brown skin’ trick to this interpretation is to go ‘darker’ with the colors, to acheive the same ratio of skin tone to shadow pigmentation. Stewart is wearing a blue green iridescent shadow, surrounded by a warm brown. Pixiwoo Smantha used MAC clubbing… but I went even darker and used Rock & Republic eyeshadow in Emerge. The surrounding brown is NARS eyeshadow in Mekong. Since Mekong is such an intense brown, I dotted it on with a small eyeshadow brush, then blended it out with a clean fluffy brush. I repeated the step three or four times, until I got my desired shade.

Complete Breakdown: 
Chanel Bronze Universal (used as a foundation)
YSL Cream Concealer in #4
Rock & Republic Blush in Call Me
Dior Eye Pencil in Brunette
Rock & Republic Eyeshadow in Emerge
NARS Eyeshadow in Mekong
MAC Eye Pencil in Industrial
YSL Faux Cils Mascara in #1
By Terry Or De Rose Lip Balm
That’s my interpretation. It’s not exact, but then… it’s not supposed to be. I like the mix of unexpected colors for this look. So to Kristen Stewart (and her MUA) I say, Kudos for going your own way.

Lip Service: Brown and Rose and Red all over

Here are a few new additions to my lip collection. I thought they were worth mention for the best and worst of reasons; One is not what it seems, one is exactly what it seems and the last exceeds all expectations.

Bobbi Brown Black Garnet:
Likely the most interesting addition to the Bobbi Brown Black Velvet collection, Black Garnet Lipstick is neither black nor garnet. Its actually a shimmer brown, both in the tube:

…and on the lips.
I don’t even mind that it’s a shimmer brown. But heaven forbid someone think they were getting anything remotely close to black or garnet… let alone Black Garnet. It’s a pretty pedestrian color, perfect for anyone who wants a functional lipstick (very creamy and long wearing) with a little shimmer to boot.
My next addition is from Nouba in color #54. It’s a metallic red, that would look good to anyone really looking to play dress up:
It is VERY opaque and metallic, not shimmery. On my lips it translates to a brown based red with a metallic sheen:
One coat does the trick. This lipstick can be drying, so a healthy dose of lip balm before application is recommended. But it wears well and is quite the conversation starter. Like… who besides Katy Perry walks around with metallic red lips on the regular? Really?
My final addition (and my favorite) comes courtesy of Chanel, as part of the Soho Story collection. Rouge Allure Laque in Stunt:
It looks really pink in the tube, but translates a brown based rose on the lips. I found this a little dark on fairer skin tones, but it turned into the perfect nude rose on me:
I dare say it’s my perfect rose. And there’s NOTHING like the Rouge Allure Laque formula. Nothing. This is my sixth color in this formula (Dragon being my first and ever favorite) and it never fails to disappoint. It’s a stain and a lipstick and a gloss (note the sheen) all in one. It goes on opaque and wears for a very long time. 
There ya go. A little lip service on a Sunday. Ciao!

FOTD: Soho Story


Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Foundation in Golden
YSL Concealer in #4
Rock & Republic Blush in Tease
Becca Eye Tint in Gilt
MAC eyeshadow in Prepped for Glamour
Stila Smudge Stick in Stone
YSL Faux Cils Mascara in #1
Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Stunt

FOTD: Golden Girl

By Terry Lumiere Foundation in #8
Jemma Kidd Makeup School Dual Illuminator in Burnished
Shu Uemura Eyebrown Pencil in Seal Brown
Belmacz Blitz
SugarPill Chromalust Eyeshadow in Goldilux
Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner
Guerlain Eyeliner Pencil in Shimmer Beige
MUFE Smoky Lash
MUFE Lab Shine Lipgloss in D18

MUFE Lab Shine

Really. That’s all you can say about the new Lab Shine lipglosses from Makeup For Ever. They come in three formulas, sheer… shimmery and opaque. The last two formulas – Diamond Shine and Metal Shine – range from medium to full coverage.
If you read back, you’ll know that I stood in line at IMATS to try and get my hands on the middle gloss… D18. After realizing that the wait was 2 HOURS, I passed. This is the first time I’ve been able to get my  hands on them.
From the top: 
M10 – Opaque blue based red
D18 – Shimmer Bronze
D6 – Shimmer Rose
These are non sticky and long wearing. I really like this formula. I’d have to say, of them all… I love D18 the most. That’s the one I wanted at IMATS, and I’m still quite smitten by it. These pictures were taken with gloss only, applied with the provided brush… with no liners or primers. Alone, they perform beautifully. They look even more amazing layered over a lipstick or with a liner.
I’m so happy with these, I’m going to have to definitely go back for more…

MUFE Rouge Intense: #15

For those of you wanting to get Violetta… try this while you wait. MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in #15
It’s described as a pearly violet, but when you look at the color sticker on the bottom and the actual stick… this lipstick screams goth PURPLE.

Not to worry, it actually translates quite nicely on the skin.

It is NOT a dupe for Violetta, so don’t think that you can replace one with the other. But it’s a nice comparable shade. It’s also a bit darker, for folks who are not a fan of bright purples or fuschias. I like the Rouge Artist Intense line, but I must say that it can be a bit drying at times. These lipsticks respond nicely to well moisturized lips, so don’t skimp on the lip balm. They wear for a very long time, and don’t bleed or fade (or at least, they haven’t while I’ve been wearing them). This color, the pearly gold, the orange and the red are my favorites (I don’t remember their #’s off the top of my head). You can get ’em at Sephora for $19 a pop, or at a local beauty supply store that honors the pro discount…
And when all else fails, place a call to MUFE in New York and tell ’em to hook you up!