Winding Down…

An unexpected gig doing makeup for the Emmy’s had me on my feet most of the day…
I’m happy to be home, burning a Himalayan Salt candle to help me wind all the way down.
And funnily enough, I’m actually watching the Emmy’s.
Bear with me, I’d like a little time to reflect. I was honored to make up the faces of several delightful women today. They were all smiles and grace, and honestly made my job so much easier than an event makeover would typically be. We parted happily with waves and air kisses (can’t mess up that lipstick!); I believe they loved their reflections… and that made me happy.
I left them with a Dior Addict Gloss in Red Stockings, an Armani Gloss in #5, and a YSL mascara in patent black…
And hopefully, I left them feeling as glamorous as they wished to be this night. 

One of the ladies contacted me to let me know that the makeup wore FABULOUSLY! She even had a few questions about where to get some of the items I used on her (I was sure to take the time to let her know about everything that went on her face, during the session). She’d also like a private makeup lesson. YAYYY!!!

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