Sugar Addict…

More goodies from Sugarpill…

I decided to have a go at her false lashes:

Here’s the thing: they look and wear A LOT like MUFE lashes. In fact, these simply look like the black version of my favorite blue lashes from MUFE (featured on two models on this blog). But the thing is, these lashes are cheaper retail, than the MUFE lashes are with a professional discount. Hmmm…

I slapped them on without the help of glue (this is just the adhesive from the package). They stayed long enough to take the picture, and came off with no problem. Despite their size, they’re very light and easy to wear. Kudos to Shrinkle for getting this right! 
I also got a couple more loose eyeshadows:

Decora (right) and Hysteric (left). Both colors are shot through with teal, which makes them very unique. The color isn’t picking up on camera (it’s actually very subtle in person) but it’s there. I like both of them together, and separately. I’m pretty sure at this point, I’ll have to confess to a full sugar addiction… lol. SugarPill is awesome. Period.

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