For my Baby Sister: MAUVEMENT

MAC’s new Fabulous Felines Collection boasts one MUST HAVE: Mauvement Pigment.

The other colors are lovely (GoldStroke and Old Gold are noteworthy) but mauvement really stands out.
My baby sister was interested in the pigment, but concerned that the taupe shimmer would go ashy on brown skin. Not the case! Observe:

The color is actually a cross between mauve and taupe. Typically, these colors go ‘cool’ and tend to ash out on brown skin. But MAC shot this particular pigment through with healthy dose of gold. So it goes on like this:

Not bad, right? This is what it looks like in the container:
Here you go baby sis! I hope this helps. Like I said, the rest of the collection is nice, but certainly not in ‘rush out and buy’ fashion. This is the only pigment that really stood out to me, so it’s the one that became part of my makeup collection.

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