Way to Wear it: Blue Brown

MAC’s Blue Brown pigment is a funky color that leaves many a makeup maven annoyed and put out. It’s more of an iridescent reddish brown. I’ve seen it look just horrid on people… and undetectable on others. I’ve tried Blue Brown pigment a number of different ways. For me, this is the most wearable:

Layered over a nude or bronze paint (this is MUFE Aqua Cream in the bronze color) it seems to stand out best for me. When layered over Blue, the effect is lost. I find Blue Brown Pigment shines best when put near other browns, bronzes, or nudes.
In the pictures, it actually looks more brown… but each movements causes the light to catch the blue shimmer in this pigment. I find that this pigment works best on skin tones with yellow undertones. Pink and red undertones seem to react to this color with sallow results. 
Blue Brown Pigment an interesting color play, but it can be frustrating to get the blend to perform, without a little push. 
Just my .02

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