Gold vs Goldilux…

I’ve made my recent love affair with SugarPill cosmetics no secret. My recent additions include two loose shadows: Goldilux and Tiara.

Goldilux is a multi faceted gold that will blend out to the most muted shimmer. Close inspection shows it’s not truly ‘gold’ at all, but a combination of reflective pigments that give off the appearance of gold when mixed together. The result is ‘layered’ — not flat:

Compare that to MAC Gold pigment, which sort of lies flat. Is it a true gold? Probably. But it lacks the imagination and versatility of Goldilux:
SugarPill continues to impress me. I have yet to run across a product in this line that disappoints me. I’ve picked only brightest colors from this line. I’m not interested in anything ‘muted’. It’s a rather LOUD brand, so I’m interested in the most obnoxious items that it has to offer.
I can assure you that Goldilux will be well used, both within and beyond my kit. Once again, viva la sugarpill!

8 Replies to “Gold vs Goldilux…”

  1. I really want MAC to do better. People are complaining about the new pigment formula being chalky. They already caught hell when they reduced the size of the pigment containers. It's just a shame. The company has such a loyal following, and I feel that they're just being rude to their fans by offering LESS, and subpar quality at the same prices.

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