Fix it or Forget It

I recently picked up Urban Decay’s ALL NIGHTER makeup fixative. It claims to hold makeup for 16 hours, even through temperature changes:

First day I try it… with Kevyn Aucoin SK Foundation. My foundation is ‘gummy’ within about an hour. I’m an oil slick after 4 hours. The Aucoin foundation IS rather heavy, so I switch it up.
Second day I try it with Chanel MAT Lumiere Foundation. It holds well for about an hour…. then my temperature rises (I thought I’d left my wallet an a restaurant during lunch) and my makeup nearly SLIDES off of my face! I’m not exaggerating. It was gross. I ended up washing it off and going barefaced for the rest of the day.
I honestly need Urban Decay to go back to the drawing board on this one. It does NOT work for oily skin, and since it didn’t pass the test on my own skin, I would never use it on or recommend it to clients.
Instead, I’ve gone back to an oldie (okay not that old) but goodie…
MUFE Mist & Fix. At least I know this one works. Sometimes, you have to stick with what you know.

2 Replies to “Fix it or Forget It”

  1. Hey, have you tried Ben Nye's Final Seal? I get mine from theatrical supply stores in the city, or Fun Shop online, and it's worked the best for me so far, even better than MUFE's Mist & Fix.

  2. I haven't tried Ben Nye. I'll have to give it a whirl! MUFE has been my old standby for a makeup fixative. I just thought I'd diversify with Urban Decay. As you can see, that did NOT end well! lol

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