Beauty Breakdown: Playing with Color

I recently did a fashion shoot and was lucky enough to get a model and a photographer who were all about COLOR. They weren’t afraid of anything, and pretty much let me do what I wanted. My last Sugarpill order came with a fabulous picture (no doubt done by Shrinkle) that I absolutely loved. I decided to pay homage… with the notion that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery:

Here’s the technical breakdown…

Foundation: Dior Forever & Mac Studio Stick 

Brows: MUFE Aqua Black 

Eyes: MUFE #75 
Sugarpill Flamepoint 
Sugarpill Buttercupcake 
MUFE Lashes 

Cheeks: MAC Bright Fuschia 

Lips: MAC Lip Pencil in Temperature Rising 
OCC Lip Tar in NSFW (edges) and ANIME (center)

Here’s the reality…

Meradi’s skin is tricky; It’s VERY oily in some places and simply parched in others. It’s like extreme combination skin. Even a drop of powder would make her foundation crack. So I had to do a little mixing. I put Dior and MAC together with loads of Fix + and a little Habibi unscented hair and body oil. It kept the foundation soft enough to move around, but matte enough to hold.

She has two lovely arches for eyebrows, but they tended to disappear with all the color around them. So I took a stiff brush and dipped it into a little MUFE Aqua Black and literally ‘colored’ in the hairs. The shape belongs to her, as does the thickness. The color is just enhanced a bit.

The blusher is on the BACK of her cheekbones. If she’s facing forward there is  no color in the center of face at all. We did that purposely to offset the intense color on her eyes and lips.

The rest is self explanatory. We wanted the hair off her face… the hairstylist on set was lovely about interpreting my wishes.

It was the photographer’s idea to put her on a red background.

In all… I’m pleased. Sometimes I have no control over what a concept will be, and how it will be executed. Here… I was happy to have a little freedom to do something fun!

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