IMATS: The Haul

As promised… here is what I got from IMATS. I wanted to get more… but the truth is that MOST of that stuff can be gotten cheaper (I see you MAC with your 20% show discount) and with less drama (Just Say NO to the 2 hour wait at Make Up For Ever) at a later date.

But I did manage to score some instant gratification with less accessible items from OCC and Beaute.

I also got a Yaby free form pallette, that I can’t find at the moment (I’m still unpacking). I know it’s here somewhere.

I concentrated on lip stuff. I have too much eye makeup to count. Really.
OCC liptars in Safety Orange, Plum, NSFW, Fondue, Clear, and RX.
Beaute Weightless Lip Cremes in Masochist (red) and Severine (nude).
From Left to Right:
That is ONE SWIPE. These things are HIGHLY pigmented. It’s very easy to use too much. Err on the side of caution and use too little, then build from there. You need a drop about the size of a pin head. I’m not kidding.
Beaute Weightless Lip Creme
MASOCHIST (bottom)
And if you were thinking that Severine may not work on us Brown Girls:
It is QUITE beautiful. I took the picture for my favorite ‘nude lip’ blogger, Jennifer Bradley! Now I have to go tell her to come and see it…
That’s my haul! 

4 Replies to “IMATS: The Haul”

  1. *teehee* I love that. Too many times we do a nude lip that makes our faces look dead. I love how you warmed it up. Can't wait to see all of the color combos you make with those tars.

  2. Juvenescent… that's a 1C lip pencil from MUFE… perfect nude pencil for that color. It gives great definition and in person, the color is seamless. You can only see the difference in color with the picture 'cause it was taken with an HD camera.

  3. LaaLaa you CAN get them in the UK… but you have to order them online. Beaute is based out of Canada, and I do believe they post to the UK. The weightless lip cremes are DIVINE. They are really worth the purchase price.

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