Sugar High!!!!

More goodies from Sugarpill!

Sweetheart Palette (top)
Cold Heart Palette (bottom)
From left:
Loose Eyeshadows:
Royal Sugar (top)
Lumi (middle)
Magpie (bottom)
From left: 
Royal Sugar
Magpie (black based teal)
Royal Sugar

Just Pop a SugarPill!

In a world of perfectly matched, neutral, heavily blended formulas… a colorful woman by the internet name of ‘Shrinkle’ has found the cure for the common makeup rut.

Her advice: Just pop a SUGARPILL. That’s the name of her new makeup line. I learned about it from the bloggers at (thanks ladies!) and decided to do a little research of my own.

Enough talking… enjoy the sugar high!

My lovely shipping box is filled with bright fuschia paper! So girlie!!! 

She sends a bunch of freebies with the order. I ordered the Burning Heart palette and Asylum loose eyeshadow. The rest is extra!
Behold, the colorful yumminess!
Look at how PIGMENTED these colors are! One swipe with a fat smudge brush… that’s it.
Asylum loose eyeshadow:
It actually has a lovely sheen to it… a bit of a sparkle.
That’s it! So far, I LOVE this line. I plan to return for more colorful yumminess. You can go for your own sugar high, at

For Your Eyes Only

I’ve never made this claim before:
Giorgio Armani ‘EYES TO KILL’ Mascara is the best product in its class on the market right now. Period. Take it from a mascara fiend… I’ve tried them all. I’ve used everything from Great Lash (garbage) to MAC Studio Fix Lash (good) Lancome Hypnose (really good), Dior Blackout Mascara (excellent), to YSL False Effects (fabulous). 
This stuff beats them ALL. 
First of all, it comes in a tube that looks like something out of a James Bond movie: pewter colored, with the feel and weight of lead. Just gorgeous. And no stickers on this little baby… the name of the company and product is literally BRANDED into the tube. 
As a girly girl who likes fabulous (and expensive looking) things, this tube takes the cake.
To the test…
This is my eye with no mascara or curling:

This is my eye with two coats of ‘Eyes To Kill’. No curling.
If I had a complaint (because really, I don’t have one), it would be that this mascara carries no fragrance. One of the perks of YSL mascaras is that they reek of rose oil. It’s just divine, and makes it a joy to use the mascara. When that smell is gone, it’s time to toss the tube. ‘Eyes To Kill’ has no scent, which I’m told makes many people very happy. I like for things to smell good.. it’s my thing. But for someone who doesn’t want any fragrance in their products, this is the mascara for you.
I love this stuff. Seriously. Until someone comes up with something better… and I mean MUCH BETTER…  Giorgio Armani ‘Eyes To Kill’ is my mascara of choice.

Lip Service


I thought I’d pay a little ‘lip service’ to some of my recent favorites. I’m just getting the hang of this swatch thing… so bear with me.
First things first:

The rest of my OCC Lip Tars came! Yayyy!!! They are all just STUNNING. And when I tell you that a little goes a long way, believe it!

From the top right: 
Petty Beige
Bottom Row:

Demure   Anime   Melange   Hoochie

Traffic   Petty Beige   Vintage   Feathered


(from the IMATS haul)

Chanel Taffeta Rose

Chanel Coral Love

That’s it! The last two are from Chanel’s fall 2010 collection. Taffeta Rose is actually more pigmented in person, as is Coral Love. I think the flash kind of washed it out. As I said, I’m learning.
Note: The lip tar swatches were achieved with just a swipe of product… about the size of a pinhead. I purposely did not use a lip pencil, so you can see how truly pigmented the tars are. I didn’t swatch TARRED because it separated during shipping; I was told to let it rest for 24 hours (NY – from whence they shipped – is currently going through one hell of a heatwave), and call them if nothing changes.
That’s all for now. Ciao!

Purple Reign

In makeup, purple (or plum) is likely my second favorite color (falling closely behind black based red). Variations of this lovely hue are scattered throughout my kit and personal makeup collection. The invention of several new versions of purples and plums are what prompted this entry.

Some of my favorites:

Right to Left:
Dior Addition Gloss in Black Tie Plum
MUFE Aqua Cream in #19
MAC Greasepaint Stick in Charred Mauve
MAC Pigment in Deep Purple
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in Rockstar
TOP: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Plum
Up Close:
MAC Pigment in Deep Purple:
Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in #19:
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Plum:
Dior Addict Lip Gloss in Black Tie Plum:
Mac Greasepaint Stick in Charred Mauve:
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in RockStar:
Some Old Favorites…
Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in 050:
Giorgio Armani Lip Gloss in #48:

All of these products stay in heavy rotation, no matter the season. I understand that Plum will be the color du jour in makeup come the Fall. Regardless, trend or no… I will likely ever keep these products and hues in stock. Purples and plums are awesome when done right. Paired with unexpected hues like orange or yellow… they pop even more.

Viva La Purple Reign!

IMATS: The Haul

As promised… here is what I got from IMATS. I wanted to get more… but the truth is that MOST of that stuff can be gotten cheaper (I see you MAC with your 20% show discount) and with less drama (Just Say NO to the 2 hour wait at Make Up For Ever) at a later date.

But I did manage to score some instant gratification with less accessible items from OCC and Beaute.

I also got a Yaby free form pallette, that I can’t find at the moment (I’m still unpacking). I know it’s here somewhere.

I concentrated on lip stuff. I have too much eye makeup to count. Really.
OCC liptars in Safety Orange, Plum, NSFW, Fondue, Clear, and RX.
Beaute Weightless Lip Cremes in Masochist (red) and Severine (nude).
From Left to Right:
That is ONE SWIPE. These things are HIGHLY pigmented. It’s very easy to use too much. Err on the side of caution and use too little, then build from there. You need a drop about the size of a pin head. I’m not kidding.
Beaute Weightless Lip Creme
MASOCHIST (bottom)
And if you were thinking that Severine may not work on us Brown Girls:
It is QUITE beautiful. I took the picture for my favorite ‘nude lip’ blogger, Jennifer Bradley! Now I have to go tell her to come and see it…
That’s my haul!