My Sustainable Journey … (cont.)

Okay… so what had happened was…
I know I promised swatches and pictures. But alas, the pictures are STUCK in my camera because for the life of me I CANNOT find my USB cable! In my defense, I’ve just moved and I’m unpacking. I’m sure it’ll turn up in the sea of boxes and packing tape currently strewn across the rooms of my new digs.

Still, my sustainable journey continues. Ever on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ purple eyeliner pencil (it’s a long story), I stumbled across this:

Tarte continues to impress. This retractatable pencil comes in a lovely shade of plum. Glides on and stays put. I feel like I’m one step closer to my quest for the perfect purple pencil.
I also broke down and got another bronzing stick:

Don’t judge. I’ve been using it EVERYWHERE… head to toe. It wipes down easily with alcohol (stay santiary!) and stores well… even if it’s stuck in the car under the California summer sun. This has easily become a kit staple.

So for now… HOORAY FOR TARTE! And whenever my USB cable surfaces… you’ll get those pictures I promised.

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